Create a New Survey

Creating surveys with Refiner is easy and usually takes a couple of minutes only.

Refiner supports multiple ways to launch and distribute your survey. Regardless of the type of survey you want to run, creating a survey always starts with the following steps:

  1. Choose a survey template
  2. Customize your questions if needed
  3. Customize the survey design
  4. Distribute your survey (in-app, on a website, by email, …)

In this section we’ll briefly cover each step and link to dedicated sections for more details.

Create a new survey

If you just recently created an account with Refiner, you most likely already created your first survey during the onboarding process.

To create a new survey, navigate to “Surveys” in your Refiner dashboard and click on the big “+”.

Choose a survey template

Refiner comes packed with many survey templates that cover all kinds of use-cases.

You can filter survey templates by use case, as well as their distribution channel.

Choose a ready-to-use survey template

Obviously, you can also skip this step and create your survey from scratch.

Customize survey questions

If you chose a Playbook in the previous step, your survey already contains a couple of questions. While our templates are all “ready-to-use” you might want to customize the questions.

Screenshot of Refiner showing a “CSAT” micro survey

Clicking on an existing survey question reveals all customization options. All questions types in Refiner are fully customizable.

All questions in Refiner are fully customizable

Add more questions

You can add a new survey questions by clicking on “Add Element” below the list of questions.

You can also insert questions between two existing questions by placing your cursos in the space between two questions.

Add any type of question to your survey

If you scroll down the panel shown in the screenshot above, you can also choose a question from our library.

You can choose between different question types, such as Multiple choice, Open ended, Star Rating, and so on. Refiner also supports Logic Jumps for more sophisticated survey flows.

Target the right users at the right time

Targeting the right users at the right time is a crucial component of any successful survey campaign. Refiner puts you in control who should see your survey and when they should see it.

If you get the timing and audience targeting right, you’ll see not only a massive lift in survey completion rates, but you’ll also receive high quality responses.

Depending on the distribution channel of your survey (Inside a web-app, on a website, by email or shareable link), different options are available.

Customize your survey

Next to timing and targeting the right users, the design of a survey can also be a critical factor of a successful survey campaign. Refiner offers various design options and you can learn more about them here.

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