Use Cases

As you probably already noticed, Refiner is a rather versatile survey tool which can be used to run different types of surveys.

While we support multiple use-cases, we do specialize however in the type of customers we are serving (SaaS companies).

We think this approach makes a lot of sense and we wrote at length about it on our blog.

In a nutshell: With Refiner you can leverage customer feedback across various teams , all while guaranteeing a great user experience for everyone involved.

While the possibilities are literally endless, our users love using Refiner for the following use-cases.

Customer Satisfaction

Identify your biggest fans and users at risk of churning with NPS & CSAT surveys.

Market Research

Learn what your favorite users have in common and how you can acquire more of them.

Product & UX Research

Know which features your power users value most and research what to build next.

Sales & CRM

Profile your users, identify upsell opportunities and send better nurturing campaigns.

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