Use Cases

Refiner is a versatile customer feedback survey which supports a variety of use-cases.

With Refiner, SaaS companies can leverage customer feedback across various teams, all while guaranteeing a great user experience for everyone involved.

While the possibilities are literally endless, our customers love using Refiner for the following use-cases.

Customer Success

With fully brandable and targeted surveys that you can create in minutes, track customer satisfaction and optimize your customer success operations.

Growth Marketing

Refiner offers highly configurable, yet easy to set up, micro surveys to create your own fully automated SaaS growth loops.

User Research

Highly customized, segmented, and targeted micro surveys bring you accurate user research at scale.

Product Management

Analytics tools tell you what a user does, but not why they are doing it. User interviews take too much time and you probably won’t get enough data. Our customizable micro surveys give you all the answers you need to make great product decisions.

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