Identify Users

Identify users with URL parameters

As with survey widgets, you can choose to operate a survey page in “anonymous” mode or identify your users.

To get the most out of Refiner, we recommend to identify your users.

Identifying your users can easily be done by providing either a “contact_id” and / or a “contact_email” parameter in your URL.

The following survey page URL identifies the user as “ABC123” with and email address of “”.

Provide additional user traits

In addition to the ID and email address of your user, you can provide any kind of user data within the URL.

Providing additional user data fields is easy. All you need to do is to add parameters starting with “contact_” to the URL of your survey page.

The following URL includes a user ID, an email address and additional user data.

Providing additional user traits is a powerful method to better analyze your survey data.

All data points provided while identifying your users can be used to segment and filter your survey results in your Refiner dashboard later on.

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