Show a survey on specific website page or section within your app

The Page Visit trigger is a simple way of launching a survey when your users perform a specific action in your app or your website.

To put it simple, the Page Visit trigger launches a survey when user that matches your target audience visits a certain page (URL) of your app or website.

When to use the Page Visit trigger

Some scenarios where this launch trigger comes in handy:

  • Your user just purchased your product and gets redirected to an order confirmation page
  • A user looks at your pricing page which indicates that they are considering purchasing your product
  • A user just performed an important action in your app (e.g. created their first project)

How to set it up

To set up a “Page visit” trigger, follow these steps:

1/ Go to the survey which should be launched on specific pages

2/ Set the trigger to “Page visit”

3/ Add one rule for each page you want the survey to appear

Each rule starts with a comparison method (Equals, Starts with, Contains) followed by a comparison value.

Screenshot showing the Page Visit survey trigger

Depending on the comparison method, you need to add either the exact URL of your page (e.g. or a significant part of the URL (e.g. /myaccount)

You can add multiple rules to the “Page Visit” trigger. A survey is shown, when at least one of your rules matches.