Survey users after specific time delay

The Time Delay trigger is our most popular launch trigger and a great fit for most use-cases.

How the Time Delay trigger works

Whenever a user enters your target audience, Refiner waits for a specific time before showing them your survey.

If your target audience is set to “All Users”, we use the moment we first saw a user as a reference time.

If your target audience is set to “Specific Segments”, the moment a user first matches any of the chosen Segments is used as a reference time.

Please note that a user doesn’t need to stay on a specific page for the defined time delay. What counts is the elapsed time since they first entered the target audience.

Target users with Segments first

Depending on your use-case, the time delay can be set to anything between a couple of seconds up to several days.

In most cases, we recommend however to keep the time delay rather short.

You can think of the Time Delay trigger as a tool to delay the survey for a couple of seconds or minutes to give the user some time to settle in.

If you want to survey users after a longer time delay, for example 30 days after they signed up, we recommend use Segments to target those users.

How to set it up

Setting up the Time Delay trigger is easy as shown in the screenshot below. Choose between seconds, minutes, hours , days and weeks as the unit and enter your desired value. That’s it, you are all set!