Lead Data Enrichment For Product-Led SaaS

Ranging from implicit lead scoring signals to third-party enrichment data, Refiner unites all the information you need to qualify your users successfully.

Can you guess the one thing that helps the best sales reps sell more?

It’s information. The best sales teams learn as much as possible about their leads, to deliver the most relevant sales experience.

That’s why Refiner offers lead data enrichment out of the box so you can score leads successfully, uncover high-potential accounts, and close more deals.

For every new signup, Refiner will add any missing demographic or firmographic data in real time. Discover their industry, company size, and any other, relevant information Refiner can find.

Refiner verifies that data too. It checks the quality of the person’s email address or their demographic data, for example, so that you can calculate various lead scoring signals more precisely.

Get Started with Implicit Lead Scoring Signals

Refiner generates various implicit signals for your leads on the fly. Measure the quality of their email address, get a glimpse at their activity with website screenshots and website meta data, know their location, and much more.

An image showing a customer profile with all the lead scoring signals.

Enrich the Data Further with Third-Party Integrations

Refiner integrates with third-party data enrichment tools (Clearbit, FullContact, Wappalyzer, etc.) to deliver further insights about each lead. With these, you can ensure the highest quality of the data and provide further insights to drive the lead scoring process.

A graphic representation of how lead data enrichment works.

Expand Lead Insights with Behavioral Data

Refiner doesn’t just list information about a lead. It allows you to score leads with actionable insights based on engagement and behavioral data like purchase intent, user activity, or the product adoption to gain the complete picture of the lead’s score.

An image of product engagement and behavioral tracking data used in lead scoring.