Identify the Best Product Qualified Leads with Lead Tracking Software

Use Product Usage Data to Identify Your Best Freemium or Trial Users to Engage with Your Sales Reps

Sales teams love Product Qualified Leads ...

How freemium or trial users engage with a product says a lot about their likelihood to pay you for using it.

But setting up a lead scoring model to identify those Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) is hard. Really hard, in fact.

You need to define criteria you’ll use to evaluate it, for one. Then, you need to get the data and find a way to analyze it thoroughly. And then, figure out what to do with the best users, anyway.

Well, meet Refiner, your solution to PQL lead scoring challenges.

Refiner gives you total control to create custom engagement and user activity models, based on any data you have about those people. So, your scoring model can be as simple or complex as you’d want it to be.

Focus on the basic purchase intent or product adoption signals only. Or go further and enrich it with additional information – demographics, firmographics and more.

Regardless, the result will always be the same. You’ll know who your most active users are, and to whom your sales reps should reach out.

Track Product Usage and Purchase Intent Signals

Use any attribute or event to create a lead scoring model that discovers your most engaged users. Refiner scores all your users based on your criteria and usage events they’ve met.

A product usage graph and settings used to identify product qualified leads.

Know Who Gets the Most Value from Your Product

Define what actions determine whether a user has seen the value of your product. Let your sales team engage with users that had just exeprienced an "Aha Moment" and who ready to upgrade.

A chart mapping out customer fit vs. product engagement.