Automated user qualification and lead scoring for self-service B2B SaaS providers

Score leads based on customer fit and engagement levels

Import user data from the services you already use

Sending user data to Refiner is easy and it only takes a couple of minutes to set everything up.

Just connect your Segment, Intercom or Zapier account and your user profiles will automatically show up in Refiner.

You can also import user profiles and track behavioural data with our JavaScript client or through our REST API.

Score leads based on customer fit and engagement levels

Generate highly enriched account profiles on the fly

The more demographic and behavioural signals you have, the easier it gets to predict who is likely to become one of these magic 10x revenue accounts.

Refiner turns your user data into rich account profiles on the fly, without getting in the way of your users. Refiner adds to your user profiles:

  • Generic lead scoring signals (email domain quality, geography, etc.)
  • Enriched company data through Clearbit (Industry, head-count, ...)
  • Fine-grained demographic data through in-app surveys (optional)
  • User activity & purchase intent signals
Get the answers you need with simple one-click surveys

Fill your knowledge gap with simple one-click surveys

Sometimes, generic data points like company size or industry do not provide enough information. On the flip side, knowing specific traits like the team size of an account can make a real difference.

Our embeddable one-click surveys allow you capture accurate and fine-grained demographic data on the fly, throughout the customers' journey.

Use our high-converting surveys to capture data points from anonymous website visitors, identified users of your app or contacts on your email list.

Identify high value leads who are ready to purchase

Identify high-potential accounts for your sales team

Traditional lead scoring solutions merge demographic, firmographic, and engagement data into one arbitrary number.

At Refiner, our approach is different. We classify your users into buyer personas and calculate engagement levels separately.

More importantly, we believe in keeping lead scoring simple and easy to understand. No-one likes to be bossed around by an opaque black-box.

Lead routing for B2B SaaS

Get notified in real-time and engage at the right moment

Lead scores are useless if you don't act on them. Furthermore, timing is of the essence when you want to engage with a qualified lead.

Whenever a new high value lead is detected, we send alerts to the right person on your team. In real-time, by email, SMS or Slack.

Want to make calling your best leads a daily routine? Refiner also curates a daily digest with your best sales opportunities for you.

Push lead insights to where your team needs them

Actionable lead insights where your team needs them

Refiner is not another data silo.

Enriched and qualified account profiles can easily be pushed to your favourite email marketing or CRM solution thanks to our integrations.

Put your lead insights at work wherever your sales team needs them.