Engage and delight your users

Identify your biggest fans and users that are at risk of churning. Act on survey responses quickly and never miss another chance to delight your users.

Act on incoming survey responses quickly

Quickly flip through survey responses with our Feedback Hub. Identify your biggest fans and users that are at risk of churning.

  • Quick access to all survey responses
  • Filter and drill down into responses
  • Automatically monitor new responses
Illustration showing survey responses

Notify your team

Get notified when a user completes a survey, matches a specific segment or responded in a certain way. Never miss another opportunity to delight your users.

  • Slack notifications
  • Email notifications
Illustration of different alerting options of Refiner

Prompt your users

Launch tailored Call To Actions (CTA) right after a survey, or at any given moment in their customer journey.

  • Show customizable in-app CTAs
  • Trigger based on survey responses
  • Trigger based on user behavior
Illustration showing an in-app call-to-action

Trigger automations

Push response data to your favorite tools and trigger automations in real time.

  • Trigger workflows in Zapier
  • Enrich user profiles in Segment
  • Send Webhooks to any endpoint
  • Fetch all data from our REST API
Illustration showing integration options of Refiner

Start increasing your user engagement and retentation rates

Getting started with Refiner is easy and takes a couple of minutes only. No credit card required.

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