40+ microsurveys to answer all your burning questions about your product, users, and business.

Access our complete database of microsurvey use cases to grow SaaS and digital products. Get all the information you need to set them up quickly, maximize response rate and collect actionable insights.

Here is what you’ll learn:
  • The perfect timing to get more NPS responses.
  • All the questions to ask to learn more about your product’s strengths, weaknesses, competitors, missing features, a lot more.
  • How to measure product-market fit.
  • The best follow-ups after each survey to get even more value from them.
Here are some results our users reported:
  • The response rate of Qonto’s NPS surveys was multiplied by 5.
  • Personalization of Livestorm’s onboarding experience with surveys improved conversion rate to a paid plan by 10% to 20%. And the open rate of onboarding emails improved by 20%.
  • Thriday is getting a 57.7% response rate for their CES surveys.

Hundreds of fast growing SaaS companies use Refiner for in-product microsurveys

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