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Increase conversions, better retain your customers and make product decisions with confidence.

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Actionable customer insights to grow your SaaS - with confidence

Know who your users really are and how you can help them succeed. Learn how to acquire more users and better retain existing customers.

Launch stunning survey widgets Market Research

Discover what your most succesful users have in common, what they think and how you can acquire more of them.

Launch stunning survey widgets Track Customer Satisfaction

Identify your biggest fans and users at risk of churning with NPS & CSAT surveys. Learn how to improve and delight your users.

Launch stunning survey widgets Product Research

Learn what your power users value most about your product, where you can improve and what to build next.

Launch stunning survey widgets Enrich Customer Data

Create better customer segments, identify upsell opportunities and drive ultra-personalized nurturing campaigns.

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Survey. Analyze. Engage.

Refiner turns user feedback into customer insights. And customer insights into real time actions.

Capture feedback with stunning Micro Surveys

Profile your users, measure customer satisfaction (NPS, CSAT), or research what to build next. Our beautiful survey widgets get you all the answers you need.

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Get to know your users like never before

Create unique customer segments based on survey responses and your own user data. Drill down into user feedback, connect the dots and surface new insights.

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Turn customer insights into actions

Send better, more personalized nurturing campaigns, enrich CRM profiles, improve your product experience, alert sales about new opportunities ... Our integrations turn customer insights into real time actions.

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More than just a survey tool

We are building a real time survey tool for data driven Marketing, Growth & Product Teams. Here is why.

Customer data is the foundation for any online business' growth.

Having the right customer data allows you to increase conversions, better retain your customers, improve your product and much more.

However, capturing accurate and actionable customer data is not that easy.

User analytics tools cannot tap into the users' minds, and collect insights about their impressions or ideas.

Enrichment APIs have low hit rates and usually provide only high level demographic data.

Long form surveys and chatbots have terrible low responses rates.

Even worse, ask the wrong questions at the wrong time and you'll struggle not just with low response rates, but also with low quality data.

This is where Refiner can help you!

Refiner allows you to capture accurate and actionable customer data - all while providing a great user experience.

Our micro surveys are the perfect tool to capture all the customer data you need to grow your business.

What gets us really excited though are all the ways you can leverage survey data.

Our dashboard lets you drill down into user feedback, correlate it with data from other sources, connect the dots and surface new insights easily.

Our integrations help you turn individual survey responses into real-time actions. Enrich CRM records, trigger personalized campaigns, alert your sales and customer success team, ... the list goes on!

This is why we thrive on building best in class survey software tailored to the needs of ambitious data driven online businesses.