Lead scoring software for SaaS

Somewhere, among all your users hide incredible sales opportunities.
Refiner surfaces them for you every day.

Refiner is a lead scoring software helping B2B SaaS companies with a self-service model go upmarket by identifying their best high-value sales opportunities.

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Let’s face it; Simply adding all new signups to your CRM won’t cut it.

To make inside sales work, you need to prioritize the best sales opportunities and start relevant sales conversations with them at the right time.

That’s why we’ve built Refiner - The first-ever lead scoring software for B2B SaaS specifically.

Refiner integrates with your existing sales stack seamlessly to act as a triage between the pool of self-service users and your sales team to suggest which opportunities to process and when.

Get Lead Scores for All New Signups

By leveraging data enrichment and behavioral tracking, Refiners shows you lead scores for the most recent signups and existing users, indicating their likelihood to become a high-value customer.

Lead scoring software results example

See Your Best Sales Opportunities Daily

Every day, Refiner creates a list of your best sales opportunities, suggesting who your sales team should engage with. You can create multiple lists for various customer segments to route the right opportunities to the right salespeople.

Imaging showing the best sales opportunities based on lead scores

Have All the Info You Need to Start a Relevant Sales Conversation

Together with a lead score, Refiner will provide you with the context to use when engaging your leads. With Refiner, your inside sales team not only knows which opportunities to pursue and when but also how to start a meaningful sales conversation with those people.

Enriched lead profile showing lead scores collected with predictive lead scoring.

Alert Your Team and Keep the CRM In-sync

Refiner acts like triage for all your users, revealing your highest-value opportunities. It makes it easy to act on them too. Push those lead details to your CRM and notify a specific team member so that you never miss out on the new opportunity.

Example of how lead scoring software can distribute lead data across the entire sales stack.

How It Happens – Refiner’s Lead Scoring Features

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who benefits the most from Refiner lead scoring and lead qualification platform?

Generally speaking, B2B SaaS companies with a self-service model, where leads have high variations in quality and revenue potential.

How is Refiner different from other, fully automated predictive lead scoring solutions for SaaS?

Unlike other tools, Refiner doesn’t just calculate an arbitrary numerical score. By leveraging both - data enrichment and behavioral tracking, Refiner identifies your product qualified leads and provides context as to why a prospect is a good fit for your sales team, helping you engage every opportunity successfully.

Do Refiner’s lead scoring and lead qualification processes integrate with my current sales technology stack?

Refiner was built with cloud integrations in mind from the get-go. We offer rich integrations with the most popular sales tools.

Is Refiner yet another CRM solution?

Refiner is not a CRM. In fact, your salespeople won't need to log in to the Refiner application ever. Refiner is more like a superpower on top of your current sales stack. Refiner seamlessly notifies your sales team about hot opportunities and provides actionable insights to start a meaningful conversation with them.

Why should I score leads in the first place?

An effective lead scoring model will help you increase sales efficiency by focusing on the high-value accounts only. With lead scoring, you save time and create a tighter sales and marketing alignment, resulting in a tight sales machine for your SaaS. Click here so see what lead scoring can do for you.

How is lead scoring different than lead qualification?

Lead Qualification refers to the entire process of determining whether or not a lead should be processed by your sales team. One important part in this decision process is to measure, how similar a lead looks or behaves compared to an ideal customer profiles. This measurement is called Lead Score and is basically a numeric representation of "how good" a lead is.

Do I need any technical knowledge to set up lead scoring?

Not at all. Refiner allows you to connect your data sources with a few clicks, and define criteria for each segment easily too.

Is lead scoring and lead qualification for B2B SaaS a one-size fits all type of problem?

Absolutely not. Every business is different and so are the signals you can use to determine whether or not a lead is a good fit for you. Refiner allows you to build your own custom lead scoring models in no time and allows you to heavily iterate on them.

Lead Qualification Built For SaaS Specifically