Better Customer Data At Your Fingertips

Beautiful micro-survey widgets built for SaaS, eCommerce and Membership sites. Gradually profile your users, trigger ultra-personalized nurturing campaigns or research what to build next.

Simple Survey Widgets With a Native Feel

Embeddable in-app surveys don’t need to feel clunky. Customize the appearance of your customer survey widget and deliver an on-brand user experience.

Capture Data That Matters

Gradually profile your user and collect customer data that is highly relevant and actionable. Unbeatable completion rates und accurate responses guaranteed.

Ask the Right Question at the Right Time

Target users based on their properties and in-app behaviour. Launch surveys during a user's first run experience, once they settled in, post-purchase or before an upcoming renewal. You decide!

Put Your Data To Work

Push survey responses to Segment, Zapier or your backend API with Webhooks. Trigger automations or alert your team with Slack notifications. Refiner offers all the integrations you need to leverage your newly captured customer data.

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