Lead Qualification For Product-Led SaaS

Refiner scores your users based on product usage and matches them against your Ideal Customer Profile. Continuously, it surfaces your best Product Qualified Leads and provides actionable insights to start relevant sales conversations.

Refiner Works Like an Automated SDR

  • LightbulbGathers in-depth information on your users
  • Higging FaceHelps sales teams to prioritize accounts
  • CrownIdentifies great sales opportunities among users
  • StopwatchSpeeds up your lead qualification process
  • ChartMeasures product activation and engagment
  • Money with wingsUncovers upsell opportunities
  • BellSuggests the right timing to engage with PQLs
  • Waving HandProvides context for relevant sales conversations

Identify Users Matching Your Ideal Customer Profile

Refiner matches free trial or freemium users against your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Unlike traditional segmentation engines, Refiner uses a dedicated lead scoring algorithm allowing you to prioritize specific customer traits.

Refiner matches free trial or freemium users against your Ideal Customer Profile

Track User Activation and Product Adoption

Refiner tracks user behavior and compiles engagement signals for each account. With Refiner you know exactly when high-potential accounts get value from your product and begin considering upgrading.

Refiner tracks user engagement and purchase intent signals

Start Relevant Sales Conversations

Refiner provides valuable context you can use when engaging your leads. With Refiner, your inside sales team not only knows which opportunities to pursue and when but also how to start a meaningful sales conversation with those people.

Image showing how a lead score wwasq derived

Notify Account Executives and Keep Your CRM In-sync

Refiner scores leads daily and will notify your sales team about every new opportunity with alerts, digests, and CRM integrations.

Example of how lead scoring software can distribute lead data across the entire sales stack.