The Best CSAT Software For SaaS

Reach more customers with fully customizable in-app surveys and make accurate measurements of your customer satisfaction score. Become more proactive in improving your CSAT score with smart integrations and automation.

The right templates for SaaS

Start collecting customer feedback in just a few clicks with our CSAT survey template. You can run other customer feedback surveys with Refiner too: NPS, CES, PMF, and more.

Surveys with your own style

With fully brandable in-app survey widgets, you can get in touch with any of your active users. Use your own colors, customize the style of your surveys... We even provide full white label customization for our enterprise customers.

Trigger your CSAT survey any way you want

You can trigger your survey manually, on a page visit, but more importantly using segments. Refiner has a powerful engine to create your own segments to target specific users based on events, traits, survey responses, and more!

Capture more data by default

Don’t give up on users dismissing surveys. They might just be busy but will be happy to answer later. With Refiner, show the survey again a few times or until it’s completed. We even capture partial responses!

Create a truly personalized CSAT survey experience

CSAT, Star & Heart Ratings

Get the rating style that fits your goals and app.

Dynamic Call-to-Actions

Invite respondents to take action right after their answers. Ask for a review, offer a coupon, schedule a call, etc.

Logic Jumps & Branching

Customize your survey based on answers to get the most accurate feedback possible.

Customizable & brandable

Use your own colors, customize the style of the widget... We even provide full white label customization for our enterprise customers.

Multiple formats

Slide-ins from any corner, modals, banners, and embedded on-page surveys.

Versatile segmentation

Create complex user segments and show the right surveys to the right people. Import data with the Segment integration to create richer segmentation.

Mobile friendly

All our surveys look great in desktop and mobile browsers. Plus, add them directly to your apps with our SDKs for iOS, Android, and React Native.

Fully translatable

As a European company, we have many multilingual customers and care about them.

Hidden fields & prefill responses

Don’t ask people questions you already have the answer to.

Liquid tags

Create more personalized surveys by using customers’ name and information.

Rich text

Use Markdown to display text in your surveys: for questions, CTAs, instructions, and thank you pages.

Progress bar

Let respondents see a progress bar to know it’s going to be over soon.

Make sense of your CSAT feedback

Close the customer feedback loop

CSAT Software FAQ

What is CSAT software?

CSAT software like Refiner is a dedicated survey tool to create and send Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) surveys and learn more about customer sentiment towards your product or service. With Refiner, you can distribute CSAT surveys across multiple channels, and collect feedback from the right customers at the right time with smart targeting options.

What functionality can I expect from CSAT software?

Refiner offers a whole range of options to survey customer satisfaction across the entire customer journey and the company’s touchpoints. With Refiner you get all the tools to run customer satisfaction surveys, calculate the CSAT score and measure your CSAT trends over time, and use the data to improve customer experience, service, and support:

What can I do with CSAT survey results?

CSAT surveys help companies collect data to understand how satisfied their customers are with its products, services, and customer service experiences. CSAT scores can help you assess how happy customers are with products they have purchased. CSAT feedback, therefore, can help you understand your customers’ needs, learn about any potential problems with your products, and evaluate how well you’re meeting customer expectations.

Can I try Refiner before I buy?

Yes, we do offer a free trial that gives you access to all Refiner’s functionality for 14 days. We don’t ask for your credit card at signup so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted charges if you forget to cancel the trial.

Try Refiner for free

Getting started is easy and takes a couple of minutes only. No credit card required. No hidden fees.