Contextual CES surveys for SaaS product teams

Use CES surveys exactly where you need them to be with versatile segmentation and precise targeting. Get more responses with brandable in-product surveys and fully customizable questions.

Improve your product experience with contextual CES surveys

Contextual CES surveys are the perfect tool to quickly identify friction points in your product experience. Get more insights with personalized follow-up questions and improve your product gradually.

User Onboarding

Reduce friction by triggering a CES survey when the customer just got onboarded.

Feature adoption

Identify moments where users feel frustrated by a feature to prioritize changes for your next cycle.

Customer service

Supplement CSAT to find out how much effort customers had to put forth to resolve their issues.

Track the evolution of your CES score and uncover precious insights

Close the customer feedback loop

Sync data and automate workflows

Push survey response data to your favorite tools in real time, or import user data to Refiner for better segmentation. Our integrations open up countless ways to leverage your data. See all integrations.


Send survey events and response data to Amplitude. Combine survey responses with product usage data and uncover new insights.

Send Refiner email surveys to your users with Sync survey response data back to for follow-up campaigns.

Google Sheets

Automatically add new rows with survey response data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.


Send Refiner email surveys with Hubspot. Seamlessly sync survey response data back to Hubspot for follow-up campaigns.


Trigger actions based on survey responses in hundreds of apps via Make. Import user data from any app or API service for better targeting in Refiner.


Sync survey responses to any Destination in Rudderstack. Import traits & events from Rudderstack for better targeting in Refiner.


Send email surveys with Salesforce. Update or create records in Salesforce with survey response data collected by Refiner.


Sync survey responses to any Destination in Segment. Import traits & events from Segment for better targeting in Refiner.


Receive notifications in Slack whenever a user replies to a survey in a certain way or enter a segment in Refiner.


Seamlessly sync survey response data to Userlist. Send personalized follow-up campaigns and segment your users based on survey responses.


Fetch survey response data from our REST API. Import user data from your backend for better targeting in Refiner.


Send survey data to your backend API or any publicly available endpoint on the internet with Webhooks.


Trigger actions based on survey responses in hundreds of apps via Zapier. Import user data from any app for better targeting in Refiner.

Collect more insights with a personalized survey experience

Fully brandable in-app survey widgets

Make beautiful surveys users won’t dismiss. We also provide email surveys, hosted survey pages, surveys embedded in HTML, and SDKs for mobile apps.

Precise targeting

Trigger your surveys at a specific time, event, page view or manually with our Javascript client.

Versatile segmentation

Create complex user segments and show the right surveys to the right people. Import data with the Segment integration to create richer segmentation.

Customize questions

Make surveys more relevant and compelling with custom CES and follow-up questions.

Branching logic and liquid tags

Create follow-ups based on the given score for a relevant experience. Use liquid tags to personalize questions with customers’ information.

Follow-up for higher response rates

Don’t give up on users dismissing surveys. With Refiner, show the survey again a few times or until it’s completed.

Rich text

Use Markdown to display text in your surveys: for questions, CTAs, instructions, and thank you pages.

Progress bar

Let respondents see a progress bar to know it’s going to be over soon.

Fully translatable

As a European company, we know about the importance of multilingual surveys. All text elements of our surveys are 100% translatable.

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