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A survey tool that doesn’t hold you back

With generic survey solutions, you’re stuck with poor engagement, basic questions, and lifeless surveys. Break free from the confines of outdated survey tools with Refiner.

High response rate

By creating surveys that feel tailored to each user, response rate goes up tremendously.

Spot-on insights

Customized surveys let you ask better questions and make users more likely to provide better answers.

Rich insights

Modern surveys open up new ways to gather feedback and get deeper insights.

More question types for richer insights

With the right question types, you get a richer dataset, enabling more complex analysis and better decision-making.

  • The basics: multi-choice, open-ended, and yes/no question types.
  • Ratings: NPS, CSAT, CES, matrixes, or generic ratings. Everything to get a quick way to measure things.
  • Form panels: capture additional information after the survey like contact information.
  • Beyond questions: add call-to-actions, welcome screens, and thank-you notes to your surveys.

Accurate insights with logic jumps

Dynamically adapt the survey flow for each user based on their responses or existing user traits to get more aligned insights.

  • Follow-up question: move the user to a specific follow-up question based on the rating they provided to the previous question.
  • Skip questions: avoid questions that become optional to answer after the user provides a specific answer.
  • Branching: create different survey paths depending on the responses provided by the user.
  • A/B testing: define multiple target questions and move the user randomly to one of them.

Everything you need to build engaging and personalized surveys

There’s a lot more to surveys than asking the right questions if you want to increase response rate. Refiner helps you make surveys relatable.

  • Translation: use the local language of the user to let them understand your surveys.
  • Personalization: leverage user information to make the survey more unique.
  • Videos: add videos to welcome screens and CTAs to add a personal touch to the survey.
  • Markdown: add some style to your text and questions to make them less boring.

Qonto leveraged Refiner to overhaul their Voice of Customer Program and multiplied by 5 their NPS response rate.

“The advantage of Refiner over the competition is to have access to CSS which allows us to have surveys that are completely aligned with the branding and that’s a big advantage.”

Mathieu Le Roux - Voice of the Customer Expert

Mathieu Le Roux

Voice of the Customer Expert

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