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Ideal for startups looking to close the customer feedback loop with on-brand microsurveys

Monthly Active Users
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$ /month Includes unlimited survey responses, all survey features, user segmentation and basic integrations.

  • Get started in minutes with ready-to-use NPS, CSAT, CES, and PMF templates
  • Unlimited survey responses
  • Build your own custom survey flows
  • All survey features included (Recurring surveys, Logic Jumps, Hidden Fields, ...)
  • In-product surveys for Web & Mobile
  • Email surveys
  • Shareable survey links
  • User segmentation
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Slack & email alerts
  • Zapier, Make & Google Sheets integration
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Ideal for companies looking to drive growth with perfectly timed & personalized survey campaigns

Monthly Active Users
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$ /month Everything from Essentials, event tracking, translations and advanced data integrations.

  • Everything from Essentials
  • Unlimited survey responses
  • Track user events
  • Multilingual surveys
  • Segment & Rudderstack integration
  • HubSpot & Salesforce integration
  • integration
  • Amplitude & Mixpanel integrations
  • API & Webhooks
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Ideal for companies looking to gather customer feedback at scale throughout the entire user’s journey

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  • Run any number of survey campaigns simultaneously on multiple channels
  • Custom MAU limits
  • Unlimited team members, SSO and granular access rights
  • Full white-labeling (custom CSS & custom survey link domain)
  • Yearly contract with dedicated support representative, concierge service and consulting
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Account Limits

Simultaneously Published Surveys




Monthly Survey Responses




Monthly Active Users

5,000 - 1,000,000

5,000 - 1,000,000


Monthly Pageviews

100,000 - 20,000,000

100,000 - 20,000.000






Distribution Channels & Platforms

Web-App Survey

Email Surveys

Survey Links

Website Popup Surveys

Native Mobile SDK (iOS & Android)



Survey Features

Multiple choice questions

Free form questions

Star, Thumbs-up & Heart- Ratings

Custom instructions & Thank-You notes

Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys

CSAT surveys

Form Panels

Logic Jumps

Banner images

Video questions

Customize survey design

Hide Refiner logo

Full white label widget


Translate surveys (Multilingual)


In-Product Surveys (Web & Mobile)

Customize widget design

Personalize surveys with Liquid Tags

Target users by trait

Target users by behavior


Time based triggers

Country & language targeting

Page visit triggers

Follow-up mode

Survey throttling

Javascript callbacks

Survey Links

Create shareable survey links

Identify users with URL parameters

Brandable survey page

Personalize surveys with Liquid Tags

Custom domain


Email Surveys

Embed surveys in HTML emails

Identify users with URL parameters

Brandable landing page

Reporting & Analytics

Segments / Target Audiences




Segment users by traits

Segment users by behavior


Manual segmentation

Custom Reporting Dashboards




Share Dashboards

Bar & Pie-Charts

NPS & CSAT Charts

Response Tagging

Survey Folders

Feedback Hub

CSV & Excel Export

User Data Integration

Import user traits

Import company traits

Track user events


Prefill responses


Hidden Fields


Third Party Integrations





Google Sheets












Team Alerts




Account & Contract

Team Members




Google SSO



Payment Terms

Monthly / Annual

Monthly / Annual




Custom contracts


Pay by bank transfer


Concierge Support


Self-serve Help Center



Email & Live Chat

Email, Live Chat & Phone

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Monthly Active Users (MAU)?

Monthly Active Users (MAU) is a key metric of our pricing model that allows us to offer highly flexible pricing tiers, which adapt to your needs. If you use our In-product Surveys, the MAU number usually equals the number of users that logged in to your app during the last 30 days. If you use our other survey types (Website Popup Survey, Survey Links or Email Surveys), the number represents all unique users that responded to one or more surveys within a 30 days time window. Learn more here.

Is there a limit on the number of survey responses?

No, there is no limitation on the amount of survey responses you can collect. More customer feedback means more insights and learnings. This is why all our paid plans come with unlimited survey responses. We apply a fair usage policy and preserve the right to restrict your account in case of abuse.

Are there other limiting factors like Pageviews?

When you install our web-client on a public website to survey anonymous website traffic, we keep track of the number of Pageviews your website gets. Usually, Pageviews are not a limiting factor, but they might determine which pricing plan you need if you have a high traffic website. All pricing plans include 20 times the MAU in Pageviews (5k MAU plan includes 100k Pageviews, 10k MAU plan 200k Pageviews, ...).

What happens when you exceed the number of Monthly Active Users (MAU) or Pageviews?

When you exceed the number of Monthly Active Users or Pageviews included in your subscription plan, we’ll give you a heads up by email. There won’t be any immediate additional charges and your account will continue to run. If you continue to exceed the limit, we’ll ask you to upgrade your subscription.

Can I try Refiner for free before committing?

Absolutely! You can create a free trial account and start using Refiner without any commitment. No credit card is requried to get started.Our free trial is designed to let you experience the full value of Refiner and confirm technical fit. You get access to all survey features and integrations.Your free trial will stay active for 30 days and is capped at 100 survey responses. After 30 days, the trial account converts into a free account with limited functionality. We’ll be happy to extend your trial period free of charge if needed. Just contact our team here.

Is there a free plan?

Yes, we do offer a free plan. When your trial period expires, your account will automatically be converted to a free plan. The free plan is very similar to the Essentials plan, except that it is limited to 25 survey responses per month, 1,000 MAUs and 5,000 Pageviews. In addition, it doesn’t allow you to hide the Refiner branding in the footer of your surveys.

Can I cancel or change my subscription any time?

Yes, you can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. There is no minimum time commitment or lock-in.

When you up- or downgrade your subscription, you’ll get access to the new subscription plan right away. A new invoice with a prorated amount is issued when you change your subscription.

When you cancel your subscription, you can continue using your Refiner account until the current billing period ends. Once your billing period is over, your account will be set on a limited free plan. No more additional payments will occur.

Do you offer annual payments?

Yes, we do! Our Essentials and Growth plans can be purchased with monthly or annual billing. Annual plans are cheaper and give you a reduction of approximately 17% compared to montly payments. Enterprise plans are only available with annual billing.

Can I speak with someone or have a demo first?

Absolutely! We are happy to answer all questions you might have. Click here to contact us, and we will get back to you asap.

What about data security?

We take security and data privacy very seriously. We are currently in the process of getting SOC2 certified. Until we get certified, you can find detailed information in our Security Statement and our Privacy Policy. Refiner is fully GDPR & CCPA compliant.

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