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Our In-Product Surveys provide a variety of options to target the right users at the exact right moment. On this page we’ll go through all options to define a Target Audience for your surveys.

Please note that depending on the survey type (Web-App, Mobile In-App), some options mentioned on this page might be not be available.

User Segments

Refiner comes equipped with a powerful segmentation engine which lets you create groups of users. Besides other use-cases, segments can be used to define a target audience for your survey.

The default Target Audience for Web-App or Mobile surveys is “All Users”. For many use-cases, this option is sufficient and will get you started right away.

There are however many use cases where limiting your audiences to a specific group of users makes sense.

Here are some examples when targeting only a small group of users makes sense:

  • Ask only new users how they first heard about you
  • Ask long time users what they value most about your service
  • Ask customers on a high tier plan which missing features they would like to see implement first

The first step is to create a couple of user segments that are representing your Target Audience. Navigate to the “User Segments” section in Refiner and create as many segments as needed. You can either create Data Driven Segments that automatically group users based on their traits and behaviour, or use our Manual Segments if you want to import a list of User IDs or Emails.

Once you’ve created a user segment that describes the group of users you want to target, it’s time to use it in your survey. Navigate back to the survey editor and select your newly created user segment in the Targeting tab.

You can use a combination of different segment for your Target Audience. Select one or multiple segments to include in your Target Audience and choose whether all of them or at least one of them needs to match.

Working with multiple user segments has the advantage that you can easily target a smaller group of users. For example “Signed up 30 days ago” AND “Power Users”.

Furthermore, you can also exclude users from your Target Audience as shown below.


Refiner allows you to launch surveys based on the country of a user. Country based targeting is available for Web-App surveys.

When activated, the country of a user is automatically detected using their IP address. Refiner uses a third-party IP Geocoding service to determine the country. All IP addresses are anonymized by setting the last digits to zero, are not linked to user profiles and not stored in our system. If country targeting is deactivated, no IP address lookup or tracking is performed.

Our Javascript client allows you to manually set the country code of your users. If you provide a country code, no IP address lookup is performed.

Device Type

When using our Web-App Surveys, you have the option to target certain device types. You can choose to launch surveys on Desktop, Tablets or Mobile devices.

In the “Targeting” tab of the survey editor you can enable the “Device Type” option to define on which device the survey should be launched. By default, surveys are launched to all client device types.


Refiner allows you to launch surveys based on the language settings of a user.

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For web-based surveys, the language settings of the web browser is used to determine if a user understands a language or not. You can overwrite the automatic language detection with the “setLocale” command of the web-client.

Please note that the settings of a web browser can include multiple “preferred languages” and Refiner will consider each language when checking the targeting settings of your survey.

For Mobile App Surveys, you need to explicitly set the language of a user when you identify them with one of our Mobile SDKs.

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