Embed Surveys

What are Embed Surveys?

Embed Surveys are surveys that are rendered right inside a page of your website or web application. You can use Embed Surveys to capture feedback from logged-in users of a web application or anonymous visitors of a website.

Like Web App Surveys, Embed Surveys allow you to run highly contextual and perfectly timed survey campaigns. As they are embedded right into a page, they usually blend in nicely with the surrounding content.


To display an Embed Survey, it is mandatory that our Javascript Web-Client is installed in your web applications or on your website. Once the Javascript Web-Client is installed, Embed Surveys can be launched with an embed code that you can obtain in the survey editor as described here.

Create an Embed Survey

Embed Surveys are created like any other survey in Refiner. You can start with one of our battle tested templates or start a new survey from scratch. When asked how you want to distribute your survey, choose Embed Survey as shown in the screenshot below.

Obtain embed code

When creating an Embed Survey, you’ll see an “Embed Code” tab in the survey editor. This is where you can grab a Javascript code snippet that you need to include in the page where you want to render the survey. You can find a detailed guide on how to generate an embed code for your survey here.


Please note that it is currently not possible to display Embed Surveys and launch Web-App Survey popups on the same page. As long as an Embed Survey is displayed on a page, no popup survey will appear.

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