Advanced Options

Identify resondents

As with all survey types, you can choose to identify respondents of a survey with a unique identifier or their email address. To do so, you can use the identifyUser method of the Javascript Web-Client as described here.

Add contextual data

Next to identifying users as described above, you can also add contextual data to responses of Embed Surveys. To add contextual data, use the addToResponse of the Javascript Web-Client as described here.

Reset Web-Client

When you want to use Embed Surveys in combination with Web-App Surveys, it is mandatory to reset the Javascript Web-Client to its initial state after an Embed Survey was shown to the user.

If your application uses page reloads when a user navigates through it, the reset is done automatically. If you are using a single page app (SPA), you can call the following method to reset the client.


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