Restrict Locations

A simple yet effective method to fine tune the survey experience of your users is to make sure that in-product surveys are only shown on specific pages or your application.

Restricting the location of a survey is especially useful when you are using our Follow-Up Mode or Recurring Surveys. In both cases, subsequent survey views might occur on pages that are not in the scope of the original survey trigger.

Please note: Restricting the location of a survey works independently from our Page Visit trigger. You can think about the location restriction option as a final check before the survey gets shown to the user. No matter what event triggered the survey.

You can either define a set of “Allowed Pages”, or a set of “Excluded Pages”. You can also combine the two options to make the targeting even more precise.

For Mobile SDK surveys, we refer to “Screens” instead of “Pages”. All other things stay the same though.

Each rule has a comparison method followed by a comparison value. The supported comparison methods are:

MethodDescriptionExample Value
EqualsTriggers on pages where the full URL equals exactly the provided value.
Starts withTriggers on all URLs that start with the provided value.
ContainsTriggers when the provided value is located somewhere in the page URL./account/
Matches PatternTriggers on URLs that match a provided wildcard pattern. You can use * to indicate that variable parts of a URL.*/something/*

When you add multiple rules, a match occurs when at least one rule returns a positive result.

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