Install Javascript Web-Client


Before you can launch surveys in your web-app, there are a couple of things you need to check first – mostly making sure that our Web-Client is installed correctly.

You only need to do this once before launching your first survey. All future surveys can be created and configured using the Refiner dashboard without touching any code.

Installation Options

Our Javascript Web-Client needs to installed whenever you want to launch Web App Surveys or Website Popup Surveys.

Next to launching surveys, the web-client also allows you you to identify user, import user traits and track user events.

To make the installation process as easy as possible for you, we are offering different options depending on what technology you are familiar with. At the moment of writing, Refiner can be installed in following ways.

Javascript Code Snippet

Our Javascript code snippet is easy to install and works like most other 3rd party tracking scripts (e.g. Google Analytics). You need to have access to your HTML code or have a developer friend install the snippet for you.

Google Tag Manager

With our Google Tag Manager plugin, you can install Refiner for your web application without requiring a developer to update the code. If you are already using Google Tag Manager, installing Refiner will only take a couple of clicks.

NPM Packager

Our official NPM wrapper class provides a simple installation for modern web applications using the NPM or Yarn package manager.

WordPress Plugin

Our official WordPress Plugin provides a simple installation of Refiner on your WordPress site. Launching Refiner pop-up survey widgets on your WordPress site takes a couple of clicks with our plugin.

We are working on providing more options to easily install Refiner on other platforms. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if you need help installing Refiner on your platform.

Integrate with your app

Our Web-Client has a built-in Debug Mode that will help you track down installation issues quickly. You can also find a couple of tips on the pages covering each installation method, for example how to troubleshoot the Google Tag Manager installation.

Troubleshoot installation

Once our web-client is installed, you can further integrate it with your platform. You’ll most likely want to identify your users to ensure you can correctly target your users.

You can also use the web-client to track user events, launch surveys ad-hoc, register callbacks. You can learn more about all available options in the client reference.

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