What are user segments?

Segments provide an easy way to group users in your Refiner environment. Segments can be used to trigger surveys, analyse your data, filter responses, etc.

Data-Driven & Manual Segments

Refiner comes equipped with a powerful user segmentation engine that allows you to group your users automatically based on traits and behaviour. We call these types of segments Data-Driven Segments.

You can also group users manually, either by selecting them in your user list or by providing a list of users from an external source (e.g. another tool you are using). We call those segments Manual Segments.

Both segment types are managed in the same section of your Refiner environment.

How you can use segments in Refiner

User segments play an important role in Refiner and you’ll see them in many different places. Segments allow you to

  • Create target audiences for upcoming surveys. You can use segments to survey a specific group of users.
  • Better analyze your survey data. Segments allow you to filter survey responses in your Reporting Dashboard and look at your data from different angles.
  • Show only specific answers in your Feedback Hub. This is helpful when you only want to read through responses from a certain group of people, for example your Power Users or NPS Promoters
  • Trigger an integration when a user enters a segment
  • Send a notification to your team when a user enters a segment

The ability to create user segments based on traits and tracked events opens up many interesting use-cases when targeting your users.

You can for example create segments based on subscription data and then compare how different customer groups responded to a survey.

Or you can survey users who performed (or did not perform) a certain action within your application.

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