Support Email Providers

When generating your email survey embed code, you’ll be asked to select your current email provider.

When you select a provider, specific tags are added to the embed code, allowing you to identify survey respondents in your Refiner account.

Here is a list of email services for which we can automatically generate a provider specific HTML code:

Your provider not in the list? Don’t worry!

Embedding the survey HTML code snippet works with any email marketing solution that supports HTML email. So basically all of them.

If your email service is not in the list, let us know and we’ll check if we can easily add it. You can generate a generic HTML code snippet by selecting “Other” as email provider.

The difference between the generic and provider specific HTML code snippets is that the generic one doesn’t include tags to identify your users. All survey responses will show in Refiner dashboard without an email address or name attached to them.

If you still want to make sure that survey respondents are identified correctly, continue reading about how you can customize the email survey embed code.

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