Microsoft Teams Notifications

Our Microsoft Teams integration offers a great way to keep your team in the loop and act on survey responses timely.

It allows you to receive notifications inside a Teams channel whenever new survey data is available, a response was tagged, or when a user enters a specific segment in Refiner.

To set up Teams notifications, follow the steps below.

1/ Navigate to the “Team Alerts” section of your Refiner dashboard

2/ Click on “Create alert” and select “Teams”

3/ Give your your Teams alert a distinct name, e.g. “New Promoters”

4/ Define when you want to receive an alert. You can choose between “Survey completed”, “Segment match” or “Tag added”.

5/ Choose which data fields you want to include in the notification

It’s now time to create a Webhook in Microsoft Teams. Creating a webhook in your Teams account is a prerequisite to receiving Refiner data.

7/ Go to your Teams account and navigate to the channel where you want to receive alerts. Next to the channel name you’ll see three dots. Click on “Connectors”.

8/ Search for “Webhook” and select “Configure” next to “Incoming Webhook”

9/ Create a new Webhook and copy the URL provided by Microsoft Teams to your Refiner alert

8/ Finally, click on “Send test”. Head over to your Teams account and check if you received a notification like shown below.

9/ Save your new Teams alert and you are done! From now on, your team will be notified in real time when new survey responses are available or a user matches a specific segment.

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