Shareable Survey Links


Besides launching in-app survey widgets, Refiner also allows you to publish customizable survey pages.

A unique URL is generated for each Survey Link, which you can share with your users or any other audience.

Example of a hosted survey page

When to use survey links

Hosted survey pages are a great choice if you want to survey users that are currently not using your product. For example churned customers or leads that didn’t create an account yet.

Links to survey pages are typically sent by email. Either inside a dedicated email (e.g. Email NPS Survey) or in the footer of customer support emails (Customer Satisfaction Surveys).

Where to get the survey link

In the survey editor, click on the “Survey Link” tab and copy & paste the URL.

Identify users with URL parameters

When a survey is published, anyone in possession of the survey page URL can fill out the survey. There is no need to authenticate users and you can just share your survey link.

You can however choose to identify a user or inject contextual data to your survey with URL parameters. You can read more about how to customize and personalize survey links here.

Protecting Survey Links

By default, anyone in possession of a survey link can respond to a survey. If you want to restrict access to your survey links and only allow identified users to respond, we recommend to activate the Identity Verification option in your environment settings.

When enabled, only links containing a user ID and a matching signature URL parameter give access to your survey. No direct and anonymized access to the survey is possible anymore in this case.

Multiple submission from the same user

If a user fills out a survey more than once within a short time period (less than 3 hours), their survey response are overwritten. If they fill out a survey after the grace period, a new survey response entry is created.

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