Mobile App Surveys

What are Mobile App Surveys?

Mobile App Surveys – also sometimes referred to as Mobile In-App Surveys – are short questionnaires that are delivered to a targeted group of users while they are using a mobile application.

Mobile App Surveys are a great way to connect with users and a crucial tool to gather actionable product feedback. They offer highly contextual insights and provide significantly higher response rates than traditional email surveys.

Example of a Mobile App Survey of Refiner

Usually, Mobile App Surveys consist of a few simple questions only. They are delivered at very specific moments of a user’s journey. Typical use cases are gauging overall satisfaction with a product or capturing feedback on specific product features.

Supported Platforms

With Refiner you can launch surveys within web-based applications, as well as native mobile apps. For native mobile apps development, we are offering SDKs for the following platforms and frameworks:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • React-Native
  • Flutter

You can find detailed information about how to install our SDKs here.

How to get started

To launch surveys in your mobile app, you first need to install our Mobile SDK. Our mobile SDKs are available for the iOS, Android, React-Native, and Flutter.

Once the SDK is installed, you’ll have full control over all surveys directly through the Refiner dashboard. No code changes are necessary to launch new surveys or adjust existing survey campaigns.

On the following pages you’ll find information on how to get started, as well as detailed information about how make sure that the right survey is shown to the right user at the exact right moment.

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