Our integration lets you achieve two powerful goals:

  1. Send Refiner surveys through
  2. Sync survey data to your account

You can use both options independently. On this page, we’ll cover each option in detail and show you how to set everything up.

Send email surveys with

How it works

If you are looking for a tool to send user feedback surveys (e.g. NPS, CSAT, missed trial survey, …) with, we’ve got the right solution for you.

Our integration with makes it easy to embed surveys in your email campaigns.

When creating an email survey in Refiner, you can generate an HTML Embed Code. This code can then be embedded in emails that you are sending with campaign.

In other words: Refiner does not send emails on your behalf. Instead, you’ll deliver them with the same emailing tool you are already using.

The advantages are numerous:

  • You can use your existing email templates
  • The first question is embedded directly in your emails as shown below
  • All emails are sent from one tool, making it easy to keep an eye on what emails a contact received
  • You can use trigger logic to define when exactly a survey is sent
  • Survey respondents are automatically identified in Refiner with their email address
Preview of a “Missed Trial” email survey sent with

Unlike other survey solutions, Refiner collects data right from the first click of the user which will ensure high response rates.

The first question of your survey will appear right inside your email. When a recipient clicks on the a response option, they’ll land on a dedicated survey page where they can answer additional questions.

Get your Survey Embed Code

When building your survey with Refiner, navigate to the “Embed Code” tab and choose from the list of supported providers.

Selecting from the provider list will ensure that the embed code contains Personalization Tags to correctly identify your users by their email address.

The “Embed Code” tab of the Refiner survey editor

You might choose to customize the colors of your survey so that it fits nicely with your email template in

Finally, click on “Copy HTML code” to copy the embed code into your clipbloard.

Embed survey in email

Create a new email campaign in or navigate to an existing one. In the “Workflow” view, choose the email which should include your survey or create a new one.

Edit the content of your email and switch the editor to “HTML”. Then, paste the HTML at the position where you want to include the survey.

HTML mode of the email editor

After pasting the survey embed code, you can disable the HTML mode and switch back to normal editing mode.

Click on “Layout & Preview” to preview your survey. If everything looks good, you are done with the setup.

Preview of “Missed Trial” trial survey in

Sync survey data to

We also provides a seamless data integration with Our data integration allows you to track survey interactions (saw, dismissed and completed survey), as well as adding survey response data as traits to contact profiles.

Use survey data in

Many customers of Refiner are launching microsurveys not only within their SaaS apps, but also leverage other distribution channels, such as sending surveys by email.

Having all survey interaction information and survey responses in your accounts opens up a ton of powerful use-cases.

Two popular use-cases would be

  • Create a segment using “saw survey” and “did not complete survey” to send emails to all users that did not complete a survey.
  • Use survey response data to segment your users and send personalized nurturing campaigns. For example to send personalized NPS follow-up emails.

Push survey data to your account

Setting up data synchronization from Refiner to is simple. To get started, click on “Connect” in In the Integrations section of your Refiner project.

You’ll be prompted to copy & paste your Site ID and API Key. You can find your API credentials in the settings of your environment.

Next, you’ll need to tell us which data attribute in Refiner holds the User ID that you are using in In most cases, the User ID you are using to identify users in Refiner and are the same. If this isn’t the case you can choose any attribute in Refiner as the unique identifier for your user, for example the user’s email address.

You can choose for which surveys we should activate the data synchronization. By default, all survey responses are synced to your account.

You can also choose which events you want to track (Survey Completed, Survey Seen, Survey Dismissed) and under which name they should appear in your account.

All events contain the UUID and name of the survey. The “Survey Completed” event also contains the survey response data provided by the user.

Finally, you can decide to send an “identify” call to when the “Survey Completed” event occurs. Sending a “identify” will add the latest survey response data to the contact record in as traits.

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