Customize HTML Embed Code

In case you are familiar with HTML code, you’ve probably already noticed that our email survey embed code is nothing else than a bunch of links pointing to a hosted survey page, wrapped into some HTML tags.

Which means that you can fully customize the code or even rip it apart. They survey will still work even if you remove all HTML tags and just use the URLs as text links in your email.

You can also add additional parameters to the URLs provided inside the HTML code snippet. You can use the exact same syntax as with survey pages.

For example, adding a “&contact_id=something” or “contact_email=something” can be used to identify your users. You can also add additional user traits in the URL. For a detailed description on how to identify your users with URL parameters, click here.

You can also add hidden fields through the URL by adding “&response_<something>=<something>” parameters. This can be handy if you want to track for example the name of your email campaign. To learn more about providing contextual data in survey URLs, continue here.

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