Single or Multiple Choice Question

This question type is a popular choice to collect normalized answers to a question. Popular questions to ask include “How big is your team?”, “Where did you hear about us?”, etc.

In contrast to open text questions (see below), responses to single- and multiple-choice questions can be easily be analyzed and visualized in pie- and bar-charts.

Single- and multiple-choice questions come equipped with a variety of advanced options.

  • Mandatory – If enabled, the user needs to select at least one response option.
  • Multiple Choices – Toggles the question between Single- and Multiple Choice mode.
  • Randomize Choices – If enabled, response options are listed in random order to response bias due to certain visual order.
  • Banner Image – Allows you to upload a banner image for this specific question.
  • Allow “Other” Option – If enabled, the user can choose “Other” and provide a custom response.
  • Overwrite Values – If enabled, each response option is represented by two values. One internal value which gets stored in the Refiner database, and one public values which is visible in the survey.

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