Recurring surveys


Refiner has built-in options to show the same survey to users multiple times.

A popular use-case for recurring surveys is to continuously track customer satisfaction, or measure the performance of product features.

Repeating surveys can be timed based on occurence of Trigger Events, or based on a time intervals.

Repeating trigger events

By default, a survey is shown to each user in your Target Audience only once. When using the Page Visit Trigger or Manual Trigger, you can choose to launch the survey each time the trigger event occurs.

In the case of Page Visit Trigger, this means that the survey will pop up each time the user navigates to one of the pages you define.

In the case of the Manual Trigger, the survey will be shown each time the “showForm” JavaScript method is executed.

Interval based sequence

When activated, a user will enroll in a time based sequence once they saw the survey for the first time.

Between each run, Refiner waits for a certain time delay that you can define freely. A common value for tracking customer satisfaction would be 60 days for example.

Each time a new iteration is due, Refiner checks if the user still matches the target audience that you defined for the survey.

Next to the time interval, you can also define for how long the survey sequence stays active. The reference time for the total delay is the date when a user saw the survey for the first time.

The user stays enrolled in the time sequence as long as they are part of the target audience.

If the user doesn’t match the target audience anymore, the survey won’t be shown. As soon as your user matches the target audience again, they will see the survey right away.

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