Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

What is CSAT and what is it used for?

CSAT questions are another popular type of customer survey that helps you understand how happy the customers are with your product, service, or experience you provide.

We’ve published a detailed article about CSAT surveys on our blog, explaining how CSAT works and how the score is calculated. In short, the question asks a user to rate an experience by providing a negativ, neutral or positive score. The CSAT score is then calculated by dividing the number of positive answers by the number of negative answers.

Five, Three or Two points CSAT scale

CSAT questions can be set to a two, three or five-point scale. You can access this option by clicking on “Show advanced options” in the survey question editor.

When using a five-point scale, you’ll get a higher granularity for each individual response. The three-point scale has the advantage that it provides less visual complexity. The scale you choose doesn’t affect the way the CSAT score is calculated.

You can also choose to switch to a two-points scale which will then hide the “neutral” option.

The response values stored in your Refiner are either negative, zero or positive integer values. Storing values in this way allows an easy calculation of the CSAT score. I

-2Very negativ – Only available for five-point scale
2Very positive – Only available for five-point scale

If you are looking to capture ratings consisting of only positive numbers (e.g. 1-5, 1-7, ..), we recommend using our generic Star & Numeric Rating question type.

Multicolor CSAT scale

CSAT questions can have a plain or multicolor scale. You can toggle between the two modes by clicking on “Show advanced options” in the bottom of the survey question editor.

The multicolor mode give you the option to customize the colors for negative, neutral and positive ratings. We recommend to use standard colors such as red, orange and green, to provide clear guidance to respondents.

Emoji or Text Buttons

By default, CSAT questions use Emojis to visualize the satisfaction level. You can choose to switch to a text representation to make the buttons more explicit.

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