Response Tagging


Tagging is yet another powerful tool for analyzing and managing your survey data. By annotating survey responses, you’ll be able to access specific response lists quickly, as well as detecting hidden patterns in our reporting dashboard.

Tag survey responses

Add tags manually

Tagging a survey response is possible in the Survey Responses list, as well as the User Details Panel. In the bottom of each survey response you’ll find a separated area allowing you to add tags.

A list of all Tags used in your Refiner project can be found in the “SETTINGS > TAGS” section. This is also where you can rename or delete existing tags.

Add tags programmatically

It is also possible to automatically tag responses the moment they are stored in your Refiner account.

If you are running Web App Surveys, you can leverage the tagResponse method of our Javascript Web-Client.

For Email Surveys, you can customize the Embed Code to automatically add tags to responses. For Survey Pages, you can add tags with URL parameters.

How to leverage tags

Filter survey response list

Once you tagged responses, you’ll be able to use tags in the filter section of your survey response list. Filtering your survey responses by tags is a powerful option to create “lists” of specific responses.

Use tags in Reporting Dashboard

Another way to leverage tags in Refiner is to use them in a reporting dashboard. Besides displaying the most popular tags in a Tag Chart, you can also filter response data by in each chart.

Trigger Alerts

Next to filtering responses in your Refiner dashboard, you can use Tags to trigger Team Alerts. For example, you can send an Email Alert or Slack Alert to your customer support team whenever a survey response mentions an issue.

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