Copy & Paste Code Snippet

Locate the code snippet

To launch Refiner surveys inside your application you need to install our JavaScript Web-Client first. Installing the necessary code snippet usually takes a couple of minutes and you only need to do it once.

Go to your Refiner project and locate our code snippet under SETTINGS > INSTALL REFINER CLIENT.

Choose Identified User or Anonymous mode

When grabbing your code, please check if you want to Identify Users or if you want to operate the client in Anonymous Mode.

While you can operate Refiner without disclosing any information about your users, we highly recommend to identify users whenever possible. Which of the two modes you need depends on the type of survey your are running as explained here.

Insert code snippet

Copy the code and paste it into the HTML of your web-app. The ideal location is right before the closing </BODY> tag.

If you are identifying your users, make sure to replace the static values from the identifyUser method with real user data (id, email, name, …).

Explore all integration options

Once you’ve installed our JavaScript client successfully, it’s time explore all options and methods that are available. Please continue exploring all options in our Client Reference.

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