What is Refiner?

Refiner is a user feedback & customer survey tool for data driven SaaS companies. We believe that customer feedback is an important pillar for SaaS companies at every growth stage and across all teams.

With Refiner, SaaS companies can leverage customer feedback all while guaranteeing a great user experience for everyone involved.

In-app microsurveys & more

Unlike other survey platforms, we put a strong focus on In-App Micro Surveys. We believe that context matters when surveying users. In-app microsurveys are launched right within your SaaS application, at the exact right moment in a users’ journey and are super quick to fill out.

While we believe that in-app survey widgets are the best way to survey your SaaS users, there are situations where you might want to distribute your surveys on other channels. Besides in-app survey widgets, Refiner also offers website popups, hosted survey pages, and email surveys.

All the survey use-cases you need

Refiner supports a variety of use cases, such as tracking customer satisfaction with NPS & CSAT surveys, product feature research, user research or growth marketing surveys. Our most successful customers love the ability to run different types of surveys across different channels with one single survey tool.

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