Don’t guess Product-Market Fit, measure it accurately with surveys

Personalize every aspect of your Product-Market Fit surveys to get high response rates and more accurate/actionable feedback. Then, use integrations to trigger automations & workflows to close the customer feedback loop.

Why use surveys to reach product-market fit?

Many KPIs can indicate product-market fit but nothing will give you clearer answers than asking your customers directly. Using surveys is the best way to find out if you have product-market fit. Refiner gives you the tools to reach the right customers and even to close the feedback loop to help reach product-market fit faster.

PMF segmentation

Analyze which segments have reached product-market fit and who needs help.

Prevent customer churn

Identify and delight existing customers that are at risk of churning.

Inform your strategy

Ask follow-up questions and make better product and marketing decisions.

PMF surveys built for SaaS

The right templates for SaaS

Start in just a few clicks with one of our templates. Of course, we have a PMF survey template, but we offer other survey types to measure customer satisfaction as well: NPS, CES, CSAT, PMF, and more.

Surveys with your own style

With fully brandable in-app survey widgets, you can get in touch with any of your active users. Use your own colors, customize the style of your surveys... We even provide full white label customization for our enterprise customers.

Launch PMF surveys at the exact right moment

You can trigger your survey manually, on a page visit, but more importantly using segments. Refiner has a powerful engine to create your own segments to target specific users based on events, traits, survey responses, and more!

PMF insights at a glance

Leverage PMF feedback to close the customer feedback loop efficiently

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