Looking for a Satismeter alternative?

Refiner is a great alternative to Satismeter with all the features you need to run a successful NPS survey campaign.

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Refiner is a great alternative to Satismeter

From preventing customer churn to identifying your biggest fans to informing your overall strategy. Refiner has you covered.

You are currently in the market for a NPS survey tool and you are considering Satismeter? That's great!

But before making a decision you want to learn more about alternatives to Satismeter? Even better!

Let's be clear. Both, Satismeter and Refiner, are excellent NPS survey solutions and offer everything you need to run NPS campaigns.

  • Brandable NPS survey widgets
  • Reporting dashboard to track NPS
  • Target the right users at the right time

But ... there are a couple of key differences which will probably make one solution a better fit for you. Let's find out what they are!

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Satismeter vs Refiner

Refiner and Satismeter are offering a similar type of solution to the same type of companies. However, Satismeter is a typical NPS pure player while Refiner offers additional surveying options.

Satismeter and Refiner are both a great fit for SaaS & eCommerce sites.
Both serve SMB & Mid-Market customers.
Both have similar pricing structures. Refiner is slightly cheaper though.
NPS Features
Both offer all the features you need to run NPS survey campaigns.
Additional Features
This is where the differences start. Satismeter is a typical NPS pure player. Refiner on the other hand is a customer survey platform that also supports NPS surveys.

Sounds like Refiner is a good fit for you?

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Refiner is more than a simple NPS tool

We are a great fit if you are looking for a Satismeter NPS survey alternative. But why stop there?

Make it yours

Customize your survey widget and provide a pixel-perfect user experience.

  • Fully Brandable & Customizable
  • Custom Follow-Up Questions
  • Branching & Logic Jumps
Illustration of the Refiner NPS widget

Combine with other survey campaigns

Refiner is a complete customer survey platform supporting a variety of use-cases.

  • NPS, CSAT & CEST surveys
  • Market research & user profiling
  • Product & UX research
Illustration of the Refiner survey widget

Connect the dots

Visualize survey data in real time and uncover actionable insights instantly.

  • Dashboard for tracking your NPS
  • Create deep customer segments
  • Import user data from other sources
Analyze your survey responses

Turn NPS responses into real time actions

Push survey data to other tools and trigger workflows in real time.

  • Real-time Feedback Hub
  • Zapier & Segment integration
  • Slack and email alerts
Illustration of the integration options of Refiner

A Satismeter alternative with additional features?

Yes, that's about right! Try Refiner for free and launch your first NPS campaign in minutes. Upgrade to a paid plan when you feel ready. No credit card required.