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Start collecting customer insights in minutes with our tested and proven survey templates. Tweak our templates with a few clicks and make them your own.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Survey Template

Start collecting customer feedback in just a few clicks with this expert-built Net Promoter Score survey template. Evaluate customer loyalty and satisfaction quickly. Learn what customers feel about your product or service, ...

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Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey Template

Quickly evaluate customer satisfaction with this expert-built CSAT survey template. Discover how satisfied customers are with your product or service, learn what makes them happy, ...

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Customer Discovery Survey Template

Understand customer needs and collect insights to help you build a product your customers want with this simple to use customer discovery survey template.

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Mobile App Survey Template

Quickly identify how to improve mobile app experience with this simple to use template. Understand how users interact with your mobile app, discover problems customers encounter while using it, ...

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Product Market Fit (PMF) Survey Template

Discover whether your product meets your audience’s needs and the market demand with this simple to use product market fit survey template.

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User Experience (UX) Survey Template

Understand user behavior and discover what users think of your product with this simple to use template.

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Get started quickly

Collect customer insights in minutes with our ready-to-use survey templates. Then design them to your own needs to capture even more insights.

Templates for all usecases

All popular use cases are covered. NPS, CSAT, CES, Product-Market Fit, product research, etc.

Tested and proven

Be sure to start on the right path. Our templates were written by experts with many years of experience.

No limitations

Tweak our templates or build your survey from scratch. Refiner goes further than other survey solutions.

The right survey templates for SaaS, Fintech, Edtech, Marketplaces & more

Popular surveys like NPS, CSAT, or CES are great to get started. But there is much more you can do with microsurveys. Refiner has you covered.

  • Product research: measure product-market fit, churn, feature usage, engagement, adoption, conversion, or find strengths & weaknesses.
  • Growth marketing: set up surveys to get more reviews, upsell opportunities, or insights about attribution, pricing, and competitors among others.
  • Customer success: leverage NPS, CSAT & CES to improve the performance of customer service, proactively contact unhappy customers, or find high-value accounts.

Fully customizable surveys for diverse and valuable insights

The best surveys feel unique for each respondent. Refiner has the right customization & personalization features to make it happen.

  • Comprehensive design settings: colors, images, borders, corners, widgets (slide-in, modal & banner), and even custom CSS to create totally on-brand surveys.
  • 12 question types including NPS, CSAT, CES, rating matrix, CTAs, and more.
  • Branching and logic jumps: display the most relevant questions based on previous answers.
  • Liquid tags: create personalized surveys by using users’ names and information to get more respondents.

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