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Start collecting customer feedback in just a few clicks with this expert-built Net Promoter Score survey template.
  • Evaluate customer loyalty and satisfaction quickly.
  • Learn what customers feel about your product or service without having to set up the NPS survey from scratch.
  • Find out who your fans are and discover unhappy customers.
  • Identify and delight existing customers that are at risk of churning.
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What makes this NPS template ideal for your brand:

Why use the Net Promoter Score survey template

I guess it goes without saying - No other marketing channel can deliver what referrals can.

According to various studies, for example, customers you acquire through referrals spend more, and stay with you for longer. In fact, they have a 16% higher LTV and a 37% higher retention rate.

But there is a catch - Customers won’t recommend your product unless it leaves them satisfied beyond belief. What’s more, the only way for you to understand their satisfaction and loyalty is by asking them for feedback.

That’s where NPS surveys come in.

What is an NPS survey

The term - NPS (an acronym that stands for Net Promoter Score) - refers to a metric used to measure customer loyalty, satisfaction, and experience with a product or service.

Originally developed in 2003 by Bain and Co, NPS has become a standard for measuring customer experience, with countless companies running NPS surveys every day to evaluate their customers’ attitudes towards their products.

What does an NPS survey look like?

One reason why NPS surveys have grown in popularity is their simplicity.

NPS is a single question survey, focusing on asking customers about their likelihood to recommend a product or service to their family, friends, or colleagues.

The survey looks like this:


Note how simple it is for customers to provide their feedback. All a person needs to do is to choose from options ranging from 0 to 10.

Based on those responses, you can quickly calculate your NPS score, and identify three distinct groups of customers:


Why should you be using NPS to measure customer loyalty?

There are several benefits of using NPS surveys:

What to ask about in an NPS survey?

One of the most amazing aspects of NPS surveys is their versatility. You can run a survey to evaluate customer satisfaction with almost any aspect of your product or business operations. You can also run the survey at any point of the customer journey, from their initial interactions with your product to post-support interactions.

Here are just some examples of questions to ask in an NPS survey:

And here are examples of follow-up NPS questions:

Important to note about NPS survey questions: The primary NPS survey question is close-ended. The follow-up, however, uses an open-ended format. By structuring the NPS survey that way, you are allowing the person to answer the survey quickly with a rating, but also elaborate on the reasons for rating you the way they did, should they choose to do so.

How often should you run an NPS survey?

The ideal NPS survey frequency depends on the type of your survey. For example:

A note on NPS frequency - Relationship NPS surveys should not be a one-time thing. Ideally, you should be sending those surveys regularly. By doing so, you’ll be able to evaluate how your NPS scores improve over time.

What to do with the NPS score?

NPS is a universal and versatile metric. You can use it to evaluate customer satisfaction at almost every touchpoint or product feature. But that’s what can also make this survey challenging. For one, companies often struggle to figure out how to turn NPS scores into actionable feedback.

Here are just a few ideas of how to use NPS scores to drive product and business growth:

How to get this NPS survey template?

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  3. Customize every aspect of your survey
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Why use the NPS Survey Template from Refiner?

Refiner is an advanced product & user feedback collection platform for SaaS and digital products. With Refiner, you can measure anything from NPS, customer satisfaction, customer needs, product-market fit, and more.

Here is what makes Refiner ideal for your NPS surveys:

Built for SaaS and digital products specifically

We created Refiner with people like you - product managers, product owners, and marketers and growth people at SaaS and digital products companies - in mind. Because of that, Refiner includes all the features you need to collect actionable insights from your users and none that you don’t.

Advanced customization and targeting

We understand that As a result, with Refiner, you can customize every aspect of your survey. From branding to advanced targeting and segmentation options to personalization, Refiner lets you run surveys just the way you want it.

Multiple use-cases

Refiner goes beyond just collecting NPS. With Refiner, you can collect all kinds of customer feedback, and trigger your surveys through different distribution channels (including web and mobile.)

Intrigued? Grab this NPS survey template and start evaluating your customer loyalty right away.

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