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Refiner is a great alternative to Hotjar surveys. Get to know your users and research what to build next with our beautiful survey widgets.

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Surface better customer insights with a dedicated survey solution

Ask your users any question while they are using your SaaS, surface unique customer insights and turn survey responses into actions.

Hotjar is an awesome suite of tools helping online businesses to better understand their website users and improve conversion rates.

One of their most popular tools are embeddable survey widgets and polls.

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to poll your users, there is really nothing wrong with their survey & poll solution.

However, as surveys & polls are just one of many features Hotjar offers, it’s quite logical that they can’t offer the depth of a dedicated user feedback & customer survey tool.

While Hotjar surveys and polls get the job done somehow, Refiner is a user feedback & customer survey solution built from the ground up for data driven SaaS companies.

If you are serious about capturing quantitative and qualitative user feedback, connecting all the dots and uncovering unique customer insights to grow your SaaS, we recommend that you try a dedicated customer survey tool such as Refiner.

In all honesty, we think Refiner is the best alternative to Hotjar surveys & polls.

Let’s have a closer look at how Refiner is a great alternative to Hotjar surveys. Especially for data driven SaaS companies.

Hotjar surveys vs Refiner

Hotjar is a suite of Conversion Rate Optimization tools that also offers simple embeddable surveys & polls. Refiner is a dedicated user feedback & customer survey tool built for SaaS companies specifically.

Target Market

Hotjar and Refiner are both a great fit for SaaS & eCommerce sites. Refiner has a strong focus on SaaS companies though.


Both companies serve SMB & Mid-Market customers.


Refiner and Hotjar have a similar pricing structure. Both products offer a free plan and start at $39 USD per month. Hotjar’s pricing plans quickly increases to $99 - $899 for business customers though.

Product Features

Refiner is specialized in user feedback & customer surveys. We don’t offer Heatmaps, Session Recordings, etc. We do one thing and we do it pretty good.

Focus on SaaS

Refiner was designed from the ground up to meet the needs of modern data driven SaaS vendors.

Specialized in "Post Signup" Surveys

Hotjar is often used to survey anonymous website traffic. While Refiner supports surveying anonymous website traffic, we specialize in "post signup" surveys.By surveying identified users we can tie response data to a user profile. This enables awesome use cases, such as enriching user profiles, following up with individual users, segmenting your customers, better analyzing your survey data, and many more.

Survey Design

At Refiner we have a design-first approach and pride ourselves with beautiful survey widgets that are fully brandable.

User Targeting

Both Refiner and Hotjar allow you to target specific users at a specific moment in their journey. In addition, Refiner offers a smart follow-up mode to maximize response rates and allows you to run multiple survey campaigns simultaneously without ever spamming your users.

Reporting & Analytics

As Refiner is a full fledged survey platform, we offer a powerful reporting dashboard. Our customers love to create user segments to drill down into their survey data, connect the dots and uncover actionable customer insights.

Additional Features

Unlike other survey solutions, Refiner is not just about turning survey responses into static insights. Our real time alerts (Slack & email) and integration (Zapier, Segment & webhooks) turn survey responses into real-time actions helping you to delight your users and grow your SaaS.

Sounds like Refiner is a good fit for you?

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The best alternative to Hotjar surveys

Considering all Hotjar alternatives in 2021, we think Refiner is the best choice for data driven SaaS companies. Here is why.

Make it yours

Let’s be clear. Both, Satismeter and Refiner, are excellent NPS survey solutions and offer everything you need to run NPS campaigns.

  • Fully brandable & customizable
  • Branching & logic jumps
  • Always perfectly timed

Run any kind of survey

Refiner is a complete customer survey platform supporting a variety of use-cases.

  • Market research & user profiling
  • Product & UX research
  • NPS, CSAT & CEST surveys

Connect the dots

Visualize survey data in real time and uncover actionable insights instantly.

  • Customizable reporting dashboard
  • Create custom user segments
  • Merge with data from other sources

Turn survey responses into real time actions

Push survey data to other tools and trigger workflows in real time.

  • Real-time Feedback Hub
  • Zapier & Segment integration
  • Slack and email alerts

Launch your first survey in minutes

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