Track & improve customer success metrics

With fully brandable and targeted surveys that you can create in minutes, track customer satisfaction and optimize your customer success operations.

Streamline customer service

When customer success has too much work, the quality of service goes down and frustration follows. You can reduce the workload if you identify bottlenecks and solve them. That’s exactly why you need to use surveys.

In-app surveys, but also shareable with survey links

You can get more responses with in-app surveys, but we also provide surveys you can share in your emails.

Quickly visualize patterns

Refiner comes with a reporting dashboard that will let you quickly find patterns so you can fix issues faster.

Slack and email notifications

Get feedback where you spend most of your time. Receive notifications in Slack or by email and get back to your customers in a timely fashion.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Surveys are a great way to understand why customers churn, and what makes them stay. With this information, you can find upsell opportunities and create campaigns to retain more customers.

Combine with your own data

Import user traits & events from other tools for better segmentation and targeting. Push survey responses and insights to your product management system or CRM.

Filter and segment data in any way you want

Segment customers by score, question, trait, or behavior and uncover precious customer insights.

Track NPS, CSAT, and CES ratings

Visualize customer satisfaction ratings in timeline charts and see if your efforts bear fruit.

Take a proactive approach to customer feedback

Handling customer feedback can be time-consuming and it’s easy to miss important information. Our integrations make it easy to push survey responses to your favorite tools automatically.

Leverage to automate messaging

We integrate directly with to allow you to create powerful messaging automations based on survey responses.

Create support tickets from survey responses

Automatically create tickets in the tools you use: Intercom, HelpScout, or anything supported by Zapier.

Enrich CRM profiles

Add useful data to your CRM and keep your customer information up-to-date with our integration.

Sync data and automate workflows

Push survey response data to your favorite tools in real time, or import user data to Refiner for better segmentation. Our integrations open up countless ways to leverage your data. See all integrations.


Send survey events and response data to Amplitude. Combine survey responses with product usage data and uncover new insights.

Send Refiner email surveys to your users with Sync survey response data back to for follow-up campaigns.

Google Sheets

Automatically add new rows with survey response data to a Google Sheets spreadsheet.


Send Refiner email surveys with Hubspot. Seamlessly sync survey response data back to Hubspot for follow-up campaigns.


Trigger actions based on survey responses in hundreds of apps via Make. Import user data from any app or API service for better targeting in Refiner.


Sync survey responses to any Destination in Rudderstack. Import traits & events from Rudderstack for better targeting in Refiner.


Send email surveys with Salesforce. Update or create records in Salesforce with survey response data collected by Refiner.


Sync survey responses to any Destination in Segment. Import traits & events from Segment for better targeting in Refiner.


Receive notifications in Slack whenever a user replies to a survey in a certain way or enter a segment in Refiner.


Seamlessly sync survey response data to Userlist. Send personalized follow-up campaigns and segment your users based on survey responses.


Fetch survey response data from our REST API. Import user data from your backend for better targeting in Refiner.


Send survey data to your backend API or any publicly available endpoint on the internet with Webhooks.


Trigger actions based on survey responses in hundreds of apps via Zapier. Import user data from any app for better targeting in Refiner.

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