Segment your users for better targeting & data analysis

Not all people are the same. Get more accurate insights with deep segmentation and filter data any way you want.

Group customers and users the way you want to

Add as many filters as needed to define your segment. Refiner supports filter groups which allow you to create deep user segments based on various traits.

Our segmentation engines allow you to create segments based on different data points, notably, you can use:

  • Your user data which we received when you identified the user with our client library.
  • User events which we received through our JavaScript client, our REST API, or one of our integration (including Segment, Zapier, and more).
  • Survey responses given by a user.
  • Auto-generated field like “first seen” or “last survey response”.
  • Past survey interactions like completing or dismissing a survey.

All the ways to use segments in Refiner

Use our poweful segmentation engine to build precise target audiences, deep-dive into your survey data or trigger integrations & workflows.

Target the right people at the right time

Leverage segments to create precise target audiences and ask specific questions at the exact right moment in a user’s journey.

Dive deeper to uncover hidden insights

Use segments to filter data on the reporting dashboard and feedback hub.

Integrate with all your workflows

Use Zapier and automate actions or update infomations in your favorite tools when a user enters a segment.

Be notified when a user enters a segment

Setup alerts by email or Slack to know when someone enters a segment and be more proactive to interact with them in the right way

Try Refiner for free

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