Sync Survey Responses And Trigger Automations

Refiner integrates nicely with the sales, marketing & product analytics tools you already use. Trigger workflows in Zapier, sync responses to your CRM through Segment, etc.

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Refiner plugs into your existing marketing, sales & product analytics workflow. Our integrations allow you to easily sync survey responses to where you need them.

Import User Data For Better Targeting

Integrations with Segment and Zapier allow you to ingest all your user data to Refiner. Once imported, you can use it to create to audiences in Refiner to launch surveys for specific groups of users.

Export Survey Responses to Where You Need Them

Push survey responses to your CRM, email automation software, or any other tool you use with Zapier and webhook integrations. Sync survey responses to your backend APIs with secured webhooks. Receive alerts in Slack or by email whenever new survey data is available.

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