Refiner plugs into your existing sales workflow

Refiner acts as a triage between the stream of inbound leads and your sales team. Import all inbound leads into Refiner, seamlessly. Then push the best ones to your CRM or any other tool you use.

Zapier Logo

Import leads from wherever they are stored right now. Push qualified opportunities and lead scores to your CRM.

Segment Logo

Import leads from your application to Refiner. Track in-app user behavior and purchase intent signals.

Clearbit Logo

Bring your Clearbit API key and automatically enrich your lead profiles with demographic and firmographic data.

FullContact Logo

Automatically enrich your leads with demographic and firmographic data provided by FullContact.

Salesforce Logo

Create or update existing leads in Salesforce. Push rich lead insights to Salesforce in real time.

Pipedrive Logo

Create new leads in Pipedrive or update existing records. Push all lead insights to Pipedrice in real time.

Close Logo

Create new records or update existing leads. Push lead scores, engagement levels enriched data in real time.

Hubspot Logo

Score Hubspot leads and surface your best sales opportunities. Create new CRM records or convert existing leads.

Intercom Logo

Score Intercom leads and users the right way and surface your best sales opportunities.

Mailchimp Logo

Import your Mailchimp contacts and surface your best sales opportunities.

Slack Logo

Send qualified leads to Slack and keep your team in sync. Review and qualify non-obvious cases in Slack.

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JavaScript Client

Import leads and track user behavior directly from your application with our JavaScript snippet.

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Send enriched and scored leads in real-time to any HTTPS endpoint (e.g. your API, CRMs, BI tools, etc.)

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Rest API

Import leads and track user events. Get qualified leads, lead scores and engagement signals in return.

Refiner plugs into your existing sales workflow. It acts as a triage between the stream of inbound leads and your sales team with the power of amazing third-party integrations.

Import Lead Data Easily

Integrations with Segment and Zapier allow you to ingest all inbound leads for Refiner to process. And soon, you’ll be able to connect Hubspot, Intercom, Mailchimp and many more apps to Refiner directly.

Enrich Company Data Automatically

Refiner integrates with FullContact and Clearbit to ensure that you have all important demographic and firmographic data at hand. Want to enrich your lead data with another data provider? Let us know and we'll try to make it happen.

Export Processed Leads to Where You Need Them

Push the best leads to the CRM or any other sales tool you use with Zapier and Webhooks integrations.

Create actions in Refiner and define triggers to initiate the export. For example, push every qualified lead to the CRM immediately after you’ve finished reviewing them. Or include leads above a certain score only. Your call.

But that’s just the start. We’re working on integrating Refiner with many CRM systems directly. Soon, you’ll be able to connect it with Salesforce, Close, Pipedrive and many more.

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