Push survey responses to your favorite tools

Refiner integrates nicely with the sales, marketing & product analytics tools you already use.

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Trigger Automations and Workflows

Sync survey responses to the tools your team already uses and trigger automations in real time.

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Push survey responses to Zapier in real time. Trigger workflows whenever a user completed a survey or when they match certain criteria.

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Push survey data from Refiner to any Destination in Segment. Import user traits from Segment for precise user targeting.

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Alert your team

Receive alerts in Slack or by email when a user completes a survey or enters a segment.

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Receive real-time alerts in Slack when new survey responses are available or a user matches certain criteria.

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Send email notifications to your team when a survey completes a survey.

Sync with your database

Push survey data to your backend database with secured webhooks or poll our REST API.

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Send secure webhooks to any endpoint whenever new survey responses are available.

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Fetch survey data from our REST API whenever you need it. Import user data and track user events.

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