NPS Survey Questions

7 NPS Question Examples That Will Deliver Better Insights

Are you looking to learn more about your customers’ experience and discover their loyalty to your product with an NPS survey? Wondering what questions you should be asking to find that out? Fact: NPS is an amazing method to assess customer loyalty and satisfaction. Even a simple survey can help you evaluate how well your […]

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Customer Satisfaction Tool Illustration

Which customer satisfaction survey tool is the best for B2B SaaS companies?

Refiner versus competitors: Satismeter, Delighted, AskNicely, Wootric, and Qualtrics. When we started building Refiner, we wanted to create a customer satisfaction survey tool focused mainly on SaaS companies. Being a SaaS business ourselves, we had a clear understanding of the struggles faced by software-as-a-service startups in their early stages. So if you’re a SaaS maker […]

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Customer Survey Alternatives

Three Customer Survey Alternatives for B2B SaaS

Low completion rates, inaccurate response data, bad UX, …. At Refiner, we heard all kinds of reasons why customer surveys are not working. To be honest, we think most of those reasons are not valid (anymore). Assuming you are using the right customer survey tool and respect some guidelines. There are however use cases where […]

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SaaS Sales: What are Sales Biggest Challenges in Selling SaaS?

Selling SaaS products is no small feat, isn’t it? You have to generate leads, qualify them, then, convince those people to try out your product… And only if you see them engaging with it continuously, you can ask for the sale.  Madness, right?  Yet, for most companies supported by the sales model, doing the above […]

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Should You Move From Self-Serve to a Hybrid Sales Model?

Many SaaS brands with a self-service model shun away launching an inside sales program and they might be right in doing so. Not every product needs a sales team. Many SaaS applications grow with users going through most of the buying process on their own.  But then, there are those companies that want to go […]

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What is the Customer Engagement Score? The Complete Guide

No other metric works as well as the customer engagement score when it comes to predicting churn or identifying new upselling opportunities. In fact, measuring the engagement score is by far the best way to:  Identify the most engaged trial accounts that you could convert into paying customers (and when they’re ready to talk to […]

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Product Qualified Leads: The Ultimate Guide (2020)

Have you heard about product qualified leads (PQL) but can’t figure out how to use the model to drive more sales? Are you wondering whether the PQL model could help your sales team identify the biggest sales opportunities among your free trial or freemium users? It absolutely can. Before we discuss how it happens, though, […]

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