CSAT Survey Frequency: When and How Often to Send a CSAT Survey

Are you wondering how often you should send a CSAT survey? Looking for information on the most optimal CSAT survey frequency? I hear stories like this all the time: You, a founder, spent months and months building your SaaS. You put equal or even bigger effort into acquiring customers. And then, when you think everything […]

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Good NPS Score

What is a Good NPS Score? The Ultimate Answer

Are you wondering what your NPS score means? Looking for advice on what is a good NPS score in your industry? NPS has become the absolute standard for evaluating customer loyalty and satisfaction. Every month, countless SaaS and other companies launch NPS surveys to determine how happy their customers are and how many of them […]

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How to improve NPS

12 Ways to Improve NPS Score

Want to receive better NPS scores? Wondering what the best strategies to improve customer satisfaction and increase your NPS are? FACT: Net Promoter Score, NPS for short, is one of the most effective ways to uncover how satisfied and loyal customers are to your brand, product, or service.  Naturally, it’s amazing to receive a good […]

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What is NPS

What is NPS: The Ultimate Guide to Net Promoter Score

Learn everything about Net Promoter Score (NPS). Discover how to conduct NPS surveys, collect customer feedback, and see actual survey questions and response templates. Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys have become the golden standard for evaluating customer experience and loyalty by far and away.  In fact, if you’re wondering how customers feel about your brand, […]

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How to implement NPS

NPS Tutorial: How to Implement NPS Score

Are you wondering whether customers are happy with your product? Looking for information on how to set up and run an NPS survey to find out? FACT: Net promoter score is a fantastic way to discover customers’ satisfaction with a brand or a product and customer loyalty.  But it’s also quite a tricky survey to […]

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How to Use NPS Scores to Drive Growth

This post discusses how to use NPS scores to propel a company’s growth.  But before we get to that, I think I need to explain why I decided that we must tackle the issue.  You see, NPS has become a standard – but also, a bit of buzzword – among SaaS brands. Almost everyone in […]

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How to Choose the Best NPS Software for Your SaaS

Are you wondering what customers think about your product? Are you looking for the best NPS software that would help you find that out? FACT: There really is no way to run a net promoter score (NPS) survey without the right software. You have to deliver the survey to users, after all. And then, access […]

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NPS Survey Questions

7 NPS Question Examples That Will Deliver Better Insights

Are you looking to learn more about your customers’ experience and discover their loyalty to your product with an NPS survey? Wondering what questions you should be asking to find that out? Fact: NPS is an amazing method to assess customer loyalty and satisfaction. Even a simple survey can help you evaluate how well your […]

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Customer Satisfaction Tool Illustration

6 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Tools in 2021 and Beyond

Planning to learn more about your customers’ experiences? Wondering what customer satisfaction survey tool to use? FACT: Customer surveys are an ideal strategy to learn about your customer experiences, and engage your userbase. But here’s the catch: To uncover such insights, you must use a dedicated online survey tool capable of collecting feedback and delivering […]

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Illustration of NPS survey widget

9 NPS Survey Best Practices

This is a complete list of NPS survey best practices. Discover when and how often to send NPS surveys, how to increase the response rate, and evaluate customer loyalty better.   Are you struggling to make NPS work for your brand? Looking for NPS best practices that would help you increase the survey’s responses and get […]

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Customer Survey Alternatives

3 Customer Survey Types for SaaS Brands

Are you thinking of collecting customer feedback? Wondering what customer survey types would deliver the most actionable insights? Low completion rates, inaccurate response data, bad UX, …. We heard all kinds of reasons why customer experience surveys are not working. And sometimes the problem is the wrong type of survey the company is running. Other […]

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SaaS Sales: What are Sales Biggest Challenges in Selling SaaS?

Selling SaaS products is no small feat, isn’t it? You have to generate leads, qualify them, then, convince those people to try out your product… And only if you see them engaging with it continuously, you can ask for the sale.  Madness, right?  Yet, for most companies supported by the sales model, doing the above […]

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