How to Properly Launch and Run a CSAT Survey

Ask ten SaaS founders what they’re focusing on in their businesses, and the majority will immediately start talking about increasing retention, fostering loyalty, improving UX, and so on.  (I know. I’ve asked.) And here’s the thing – All those things have something in common…Can you see it?  Exactly! They all relate to customer satisfaction.  Unsatisfied […]

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11 Ideas That Will Help You Improve the CSAT Score

In June, our customers launched hundreds of customer satisfaction surveys and collected over 40k responses. But just like these surveys delivered great news for some, many of those companies may have also heard the opposite – Through their feedback, customers told them that they were not happy.  That’s hardly the news anyone wants to get, […]

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How to Calculate CSAT Score

CSAT is beyond incredible at revealing some harsh truths about your business – From how well you meet customer’s needs to whether your product has any future at all, and a lot more in between.  But to know all that, and more, you first need to figure out and calculate your CSAT.  Below, I’m showing […]

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What is a Good CSAT Score for SaaS

Have you just run your first-ever customer satisfaction survey? Wonder what is a good CSAT score and how does yours compare with others?  In this post, you will learn what the CSAT score is. You’ll also discover guidelines and benchmarks to help you what is a good CSAT score. And also, I’ll show you some […]

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Measure Customer Satisfaction

How to Measure Customer Satisfaction: A Guide for SaaS Brands

Wondering whether customers love your product as much as you think? Looking for advice on how to measure customer satisfaction to find out once and for all? Did you know that 67% of customers cite bad experiences as a reason for churn? Yet only 1 in 26 of unhappy customers complain and tell brands about […]

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Interpret CSAT results

CSAT Survey Analysis: How to Analyze Customer Satisfaction Survey Data

Are you running CSAT surveys? Wondering how to analyze customer satisfaction survey data you’re getting? You know, collecting feedback is just one part of building a customer-centric business. But it’s what you do with those results that matters and makes a difference to your company or product. In this guide, you’ll learn how to analyze […]

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How Important are CSAT Surveys for SaaS?

Are you planning to evaluate customer satisfaction? Wondering how important CSAT is for your SaaS? You know, there are three primary customer satisfaction surveys: CSAT (Customer Satisfaction), NPS (Net Promoter Score), and CES (Customer Effort Score).  I recommend you run all three. However, in this article, I want to focus on CSAT, specifically and explain why […]

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CSAT vs. NPS: Which Customer Satisfaction Metric is Best?

Are you planning to start measuring customer satisfaction? Can’t decide whether to use a CSAT, NPS, or CES survey? Wondering what the differences between CSAT, NPS, and CES are? FACT: 81% of organizations consider customer experience (CX) as a competitive differentiator. According to the same research, 84% of the companies focusing on CX earn more […]

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CSAT Questions

15 CSAT Questions to Help Improve Your Business

Wondering what CSAT questions to ask to discover how satisfied customers are with your product or service? In my last article, I discussed the ideal CSAT survey frequency to get as many responses as possible. But that’s frequency. Their quality, however, will largely depend on the questions you ask, and that’s what I’ll help you […]

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CSAT Survey Frequency: When and How Often to Send a CSAT Survey

Are you wondering how often you should send a CSAT survey? Looking for information on the most optimal CSAT survey frequency? I hear stories like this all the time: You, a founder, spent months and months building your SaaS. You put equal or even bigger effort into acquiring customers. And then, when you think everything […]

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What is a CSAT Survey

Looking to learn more about CSAT surveys? Let’s face it: No company can last long without satisfied customers. Unless people enjoy what you sell and enjoy dealing with your company, your business stands little to no chance to flourish and grow.  Well, it’ll, most likely, collapse, eventually.  But I’m sure you know this, right?  So […]

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