The perfect NPS software for SaaS

With Refiner NPS® software, you can personalize every aspect of your Net Promoter Score surveys to get high response rates and actionable feedback. Then, use integrations to trigger automations & workflows to close the customer feedback loop.

More than just another metric

Refiner helps you measure NPS to prevent customer churn, identify your biggest fans and inform your strategy. With the right NPS survey tool, you'll turn your SaaS into an automated growth machine.

Track CX

Measure customer experience (CX) with a precise and standardized methodology.

Prevent customer churn

Identify and delight existing customers that are at risk of churning.

Mobilize your promoters

Let your biggest fans help you grow with referrals, testimonials and reviews.

Inform your strategy

Ask follow-up questions and make better product and marketing decisions.

Reach the right customers at the right time and the right place for maximum effect

Start in just a few clicks from one of our templates. Of course, we have an NPS template, but we offer other survey types to measure customer satisfaction as well: CSAT, CES, Product/Market Fit, and more.

Survey users at the exact right moment: a specific event, time, page view, or manually with our Javascript client.

Create segments and select only the people you want to target.

Don’t give up on users dismissing surveys. They might just be busy but will be happy to answer later. With Refiner, show the survey again a few times or until it’s completed. We even capture partial responses!

Quickly validate an assumption or manage "always on" campaigns. Refiner lets you run one-off surveys as well as recurring surveys.

With fully brandable in-app survey widgets, you can get in touch with any of your active users. We still provide email surveys and hosted survey pages.

Personalized NPS questions to get actionable feedback

Leverage NPS feedback to close the customer feedback loop efficiently

With access to NPS feedback in one click, Refiner gets out of your way to enable you to make quick decisions.

Get feedback where you spend most of your time. Receive survey responses in Slack or by email and get back to your customers in a timely fashion.

Trigger workflows in Zapier. Automatically send NPS follow-up emails, add responses to a spreadsheet, create a support ticket, notify the account manager, and a lot more!

Sync NPS ratings to your CRM, product management system, marketing automation platform, analytics, and more. Always up-to-date information to maximize upsells and reduce churn.

Show in-app Call To Actions after a survey. Ask promoters for a review, schedule a call with a detractor, or offer a coupon to passives and increase customer value without waiting.

Connect the dots and inform your strategy

Filter and segment data in any way you want

Segment customers by NPS rating, as well as answers to follow-up questions, and uncover precious customer insights.

Track the evolution of your Net Promoter Score in real-time on the dashboard

Measure NPS and see whether your efforts to make customers more successful bear fruit.

Combine with your own data

Get the most out of the qualitative analysis of follow-up questions by imported data from other sources.


It’s clear that Refiner was built from the ground up to meet the needs of SaaS companies. Next to seamless data integration, it gives us full flexibility and their surveys match our UI/UX 100%.

Mathieu Le Roux - Voice of the Customer Manager

Mathieu Le Roux

Voice of the Customer Manager


We are using Refiner to collect insights about how our users discovered us. After one week, we follow up with a NPS survey. With those two surveys we can figure out which marketing channels bring us the happiest users.

Simon Bennett - Founder

Simon Bennett



We were looking for a beautiful and easy to integrate NPS tool for a reasonable price. Then we found Refiner, which does that and way more. Refiner is a powerful and pretty tool for user surveys that integrates closely with whatever you’re using.On top of that, the team actively helps you with the setup to make sure you achieve top response rates. Best choice we could have ever made!

Joeroen Corthout - Co-founder

Joeroen Corthout


NPS Software FAQ

What is NPS software?

NPS software is a tool that allows you to collect, analyze, and act on customer feedback collected through net promoter score NPS surveys. NPS software can run one-time or recurring surveys, allowing you to evaluate how your customer loyalty and satisfaction change over time.

What functionality does an NPS software provide?

NPS platforms like Refiner are designed to run various customer satisfaction surveys across multiple channels. For that reason, they deliver all the functionality to run surveys and evaluate survey data:

What can I do with NPS survey results?

Knowing the NPS score can help you improve customer experience, satisfaction, boost loyalty, prevent churn, and even drive product development.

Can I try Refiner before I buy?

Yes, we do offer a free trial that gives you access to all Refiner’s functionality for 14 days. We don’t ask for your credit card at signup so you don’t have to worry about any unwanted charges if you forget to cancel the trial.

Try Refiner for free

Getting started is easy and takes a couple of minutes only. No credit card required.