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How Qonto leveraged Refiner to overhaul their Voice of Customer Program and multiplied by 5 their NPS response rate.

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About Qonto

Qonto creates the finance solution that energizes SMEs and freelancers across Europe, helping them protect their most precious resources: time, energy and focus. Mathieu Le Roux is Voice of the Customer Expert. In addition to building and managing the Qonto VoC Program, his role is to enable the democratization of customer intelligence across teams. This involves the unification, standardization, and sharing of customer insights from various data types (Public reviews, NPS, CES, support conversations, etc.). We talked to him about how Refiner fits into his work.

Key takeaways

  • Before Refiner, the NPS question has long been embedded in a long-form sent by email.
  • Asking promoters for reviews was not automated.
  • Customer insights were complex to segment, as was the comparison of cohorts.
  • Now, in-app microsurveys are used for the NPS survey.
  • Asking promoters for reviews is now done in the survey flow.
  • A CES survey is used to understand the experience of new customers during onboarding and includes a question for marketing attribution (how did customers hear about Qonto).
  • The response rate that has been multiplied by 5.
  • Data can be segmented and it’s very easy to compare insights.
  • They get a lot more reviews from promoters.
  • Detractors are automatically added to a database to be called back, improving retention and loyalty.
  • They now have a solid proxy for the team in charge of improving the onboarding experience.

Before Refiner: Low response rate, lack of automation

When Mathieu started working for Qonto, he did an audit to see how he could consolidate customer insights and improve automation.

The NPS question was buried in a long survey sent by email and this caused a few issues.

The NPS question was a little bit buried in a form with about ten questions. It was more for research purposes. And most importantly, it wasn’t the most representative of our customer base because the response rate was relatively low and the NPS reporting was inconsistent from country to country and from person to person.

There was also no automation to ask promoters for a review.

That’s something we did manually at the time, meaning we had to download CSVs, retrieve all the promoters, and copy/paste them into external campaigns.

To solve the problem, Mathieu and Coralie (Lead CRM) have decided to use in-app microsurveys.

Reasons to use Refiner: Segment, custom CSS, and great customer relationship management

Mathieu couldn’t use the current solution, Typeform, for in-app microsurveys. So Qonto started an RFP, identified a few companies, and shortlisted Refiner.

Refiner won the bid for multiple reasons. First and foremost because of the bi-directional Segment integration.

The native integration with Segment was very important to us.

The ability to customize the appearance of surveys was also an important requirement.

The advantage of Refiner over the competition is to have access to CSS which allows us to have surveys that are completely aligned with the branding and that’s a big advantage.

The price was also a reason for the decision as it was more affordable than the competition and within the budget they had.

Finally, the good relationship with Moritz — CEO of Refiner — played a role.

And we got along very well with Moritz. The way we choose our partners is also important. Beyond the fact that it meets our needs and that it is a tool that also meets our budgetary constraints, there must be a real partnership of trust and continuous development.

The results: NPS response rate multiplied by 5, consistent customer insights, and automation

The use of in-app microsurveys has a profound impact on customer insights. First, they started to have a lot more NPS responses.

The benefit was also to have increased the number of responses significantly, by five.

Mathieu can now get consistent NPS reporting from country to country and from person to person.

Refiner allows us to view and extract key customer satisfaction metrics across markets.

They are also able to automate the review request for promoters.

Today, we have a modal directly in the survey flow inside of which we can redirect the promoters to review platforms.

In addition, they now have a process to contact the detractors.

Our process to close the customer feedback loop is now way more automated. The detractors are added to a database. We have a task force on the customer care side that is responsible for calling back all the detractors. This allows us to rebuild trust.

Finally, Refiner gives them more contextualized feedback. They are able to link attributes to responses thanks to segmentation and targeting.

We have more comparable metrics. We can compare apples to apples. If we want to compare a one-month cohort between France and Italy, we can do it very easily.

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