Share branded & personalized microsurvey links

Stay consistent on all channels with our brandable survey pages. Reach people outside your application with personalized survey links.

Survey users wherever they are

In-app surveys are great but sometimes you need to reach people outside your application. That’s why Refiner also includes highly customizable hosted survey pages.

Improve customer support

Put the link in the signature of your emails and improve your customer service.

Understand churned customers

Understand the reasons your customers have churned by sending them a survey after they left.

Capture opinions of leads

Post a link at the end of the webinar, after a call, etc.

Provide a fully personalized survey experience ...

NPS®, CSAT, CES, Star & Heart Ratings

Track customer satisfaction with a method that fits your use case and goals.

Dynamic Call-to-Actions

Invite respondents to take action right after their answers. Ask for a review, offer a coupon, schedule a call, etc.

Logic Jumps & Branching

Customize your survey based on answers to get the most accurate feedback possible.

Brandable survey

Use your colors, customize the style of your surveys... We even provide full white label customization for our enterprise customers.

Mobile friendly

All our surveys look great in desktop and mobile browsers. Plus, add them directly to your apps with our SDKs for iOS, Android, and React Native.

Fully translatable

As a European company, we have many multilingual customers and care about them.

Hidden fields & prefill responses

Don’t ask people questions you already have the answer to.

Liquid tags

Create more personalized surveys by using customers’ names and information.

Rich text

Use Markdown to display text in your surveys: for questions, CTAs, instructions, and thank you pages.

Progress bar

Let respondents see a progress bar to know it’s going to be over soon.

Try Refiner for free

Getting started is easy and takes a couple of minutes only. No credit card required. No hidden fees.