Continuously refine the experience of software to provide more value to your users and customers.

Refiner is a customer feedback solution built for modern software companies. Hundreds of happy customers leverage our microsurveys to track customer satisfaction metrics, profile their users, or research product features. We are a small & passionate remote team that thrives on delivering an exceptional experience to our customers.

Our story

In 2018 - while working on a previous venture - our founder Moritz Dausinger saw the need to quickly profile users of a SaaS application and generate customer insight that could help them grow their business.

Faced with this challenge, Moritz and his team started toying around with in-app microsurveys. They came up with a rather "hacky" solution and were amazed by how well it performed. In fact, it worked so well that they instantly fell in love with the flexibility, power & simplicity of in-app microsurveys.

The next step was to find the best possible survey platform for data-driven SaaS companies. After looking at dozens of solutions, it became clear that none of them were built with the needs of a modern SaaS company in mind. This is when Moritz decided to build the perfect survey solution for SaaS companies. Refiner was born.

In 2021, three years later, Refiner is the go-to microsurvey solution for SaaS, Fintech, Edtech & Online Marketplaces looking to leverage customer feedback to grow their business. We are a small remote team based out of Europe, serving hundreds of happy customers around the globe. Our most successful customers appreciate the power & flexibility of Refiner as it allows them to expand usage across multiple teams.

What defines us

Don’t waste opportunities

There are many ways to involve users and customers into the strategy of your company and not utilizing the right tools is a waste of opportunities.

Simple shouldn’t be synonymous with stripped down

Feedback needs to be accurate and targeted. And we strive to make the solution that will be easy to use despite having the features that you need to get the most value out of it.

Consistently deliver the same high standard

You know the difference between a Michelin starred restaurant and a great restaurant without stars? It’s the consistency of the experience each time the reviewer comes back. Whether it’s the website, the application, or the customer service, we want to make sure people have a good experience throughout their lifecycle.

Start simple and improve over time

You can only build a complex system by starting with a simple version and working your way up. We take the time to break down big ideas into small low-risk steps. We base decisions on customer feedback and learnings along the way. We believe the further along you are in a project, the more knowledge you have.

Show up every day

Building a company takes a lot of time and energy. The only way to build something big is to show up every day and push the project forward. Even small wins every day compound over time.

We value being best at one thing more than being okay at many things

We want to be the best solution for customer feedback for SaaS companies. We might branch out to other markets or expand our feature set, but for now we first want to stay focused and dominate our niche.

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