More and better data to make the best SaaS products

Analytics tools tell you what a user does, but not why they are doing it. User interviews take too much time and you probably won’t get enough data. Our customizable micro surveys give you all the answers you need to make great product decisions.

Surveys shouldn’t bother your users

You want to create the best product experience possible. Surveys are a necessary means to understand your users. But it shouldn’t come at the expense of their experience. Refiner comes with fully brandable surveys and precise targeting.

Fully brandable in-app survey widgets

Make beautiful surveys users won’t dismiss. We still provide email surveys and hosted survey pages.

Precise targeting

Trigger your surveys at a specific time, event, page view, or manually with our Javascript client. Leverage segmentation for even better targeting.

Personalization with branching logic and liquid tags

Create follow-ups based on the given score for a relevant experience. Use liquid tags to personalize questions with customers’ information.

Fast quantitative & qualitative research

Interviews and tests are great for getting the right qualitative insights. But it takes weeks or even months to gather enough data to discover patterns. With surveys, you get a constant stream of feedback and quickly get enough data.

One-click access to survey responses

Refiner gets out of your way to enable you to make quick decisions.

Visualize survey data in real-time

Follow results directly on the dashboard updated every time a new response comes in.

Automatically find people for tests and interviews

With our integrations and segmentation, receive in your inbox or Slack the next users to interview or directly send them emails.

Never ship the wrong things again

Working on new features for weeks to flop is not fun. Product management is hard and understanding customers and users perfectly require a lot of effort. Refiner gets out of the way to let you create great targeted survey campaigns in record time to adjust beta features before launch or find painful issues users experience.

Combine with your own data

Use Segment and Zapier integrations to enrich Refiner segmentation and targeting or to send data to your product management system.

Filter and segment data in any way you want

Segment customers by score, question, trait, or behavior and uncover precious customer insights.

Track NPS, CSAT, and CES ratings on timeline charts

See if your efforts to improve the product bear fruit.

Try Refiner for free

Getting started is easy and takes a couple of minutes only. No credit card required.