Sustainable growth levers with surveys designed for SaaS

Refiner offers highly configurable, yet easy to set up, microsurveys to create your own fully automated SaaS growth loops.

Automate growth

With Refiner, you can automate actions based on answers and accelerate growth in just a few minutes. Increase visibility and word-of-mouth with follow-up automation and ask for reviews, invite them to sign up for your affiliate program, or interview them for case studies.

Precise targeting

Trigger your surveys at a specific time, event, page view, or manually with our Javascript client. Use segmentation for even better targeting.

Personalize with branching logic and Liquid tags

Leverage user data and newly captured survey responses to create a fully personalized experience for each customer.

Send survey responses to your favorite tools

Automate everything you want using our integrations, including Zapier. Trigger actions for each new survey response or when a user enters a segment.

Create unique experiences

Your growth efforts won’t be worth it if the product experience doesn’t match the promise delivered by marketing. With surveys, you can find the issues with the onboarding, gauge customer satisfaction, and align the copy with the product.

Fully brandable in-app survey widgets

Make beautiful surveys users won’t dismiss. We also provide email surveys, hosted survey pages, surveys embedded in HTML, and SDKs for mobile apps.

Filter and segment data in any way you want

Segment customers by score, question, trait, or behavior and uncover precious customer insights. Import data with the Segment integration to create richer segmentation.

Track NPS, CSAT, and CES ratings

Visualize customer satisfaction ratings in timeline charts and see if your efforts bear fruit.

Quick answers

To create great campaigns, you need to understand what customers love. But you often can’t spend months waiting for research to be done. Get quick answers by setting up surveys, identify competitors, and find what jargon customers use to write a great copy.

One-click access to survey responses

Refiner gets out of your way to enable you to make quick decisions.

Visualize survey data in real-time

Follow results directly on the dashboard updated every time a new response comes in.

Slack and email notifications

Get feedback where you spend most of your time..

Try Refiner for free

Getting started is easy and takes a couple of minutes only. No credit card required. No hidden fees.