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How Livestorm uses Refiner to increase conversion rate, proactively engage with customers, and reduce churn.

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About Livestorm

Livestorm is a video engagement platform allowing users to maximize engagement of webinars, virtual events, and other video meetings with automatic reminders, chat, surveys, and an open plugin platform to allow anyone to add more engagement tools. We talked with Thibaut Davoult, head of growth at Livestorm and one of the first employees. He manages a team of 8 people focused on optimizing acquisition and conversion.

Key takeaways

  • The previous solution was designed for NPS. There was a lack of flexibility when Livestorm grew and needed to have different types of surveys.
  • The integration with Segment wasn’t seamless.
  • It was impossible to save survey results on the account level instead of just the contact level.
  • With Refiner, they still have NPS surveys to ask promoters for reviews and proactively engage with detractors.
  • They added a survey during onboarding to personalize the experience.
  • There is also a survey when a customer cancels their account to understand the reasons they are churning.
  • Their new onboarding experience improved the conversion rate to a paid plan by 10% to 20%.
  • The open rate of onboarding emails improved by 20%.

Before Refiner: Lack of flexibility in surveys, reporting, and integrations.

When Thibaut arrived, there was a survey solution already in place. The co-founders started using it for NPS.

There was a need to do more surveys and the solution was too focused on NPS.

The product we were using was only made for NPS surveys. To make other surveys, we had to ask for custom changes, to extend the use cases to our needs.

Segment was already in use too, and they needed to configure the name of each event for the surveys, but couldn’t.

For the Segment integration, we really had to decide on a case-by-case basis what to call each event. And we didn’t have control over all that. So that was a problem because we needed more flexibility, to be able to do that more easily.

They were also frustrated they couldn’t have survey results on the account level.

I was interested in starting to get survey results at the account level rather than the contact level. But our solution didn’t support that at the time.

For a B2B SaaS like Livestorm, it’s crucial to get feedback aggregated at the account level, not just the contact level.

Why Refiner? Two-way Segment integration, account-level data, and reactive customer service.

Thibaut and one of the co-founders knew Moritz, CEO of Refiner, already. They met him multiple times.

They still looked at other survey platforms, but didn’t find the right fit.

I did a benchmark of other tools that were available. But in the end, the Segment integration was never up to par so I gave up.

When asked about alternatives to Segment, Thibaut said there was no other realistic way.

There might be a way to do it via Zapier but it would be too complex for us to maintain. Segment really allows us to centralize and manage everything effortlessly.

Refiner solved all the issues they had with the previous solution: seamless bidirectional Segment integration, survey results on the account level in addition to contacts, and more customizable surveys.

But Refiner was a young company when they chose to use it in 2021.

The concerns we had were related to the fact that Refiner’s team was quite small.

They were about to use surveys in critical parts of the customer experience. And they were worried about the maturity of Refiner.

While the setup wasn’t without issues, the concerns quickly disappeared.

When we first implemented Refiner, there was a bug or something that didn’t work. But the bug in question was fixed within a few days, if not on the same day. So in the end, it was an objection that was turned into an advantage thanks to Moritz’s speed of reaction.

Seamless integration to their stack.

Except for that bug, they were able to set up Refiner with Segment pretty easily.

What took me a while was making sure that the data was clean, that we had named all the events and attributes the way we wanted. But in itself, the setup was very simple and it was very important that it worked like that.

The Segment integration allows Livestorm to push survey results to all of their tools: Amplitude for analytics, Looker for dashboards, and to automatically contact people based on their responses.

We’re actually creating branches within the automated campaigns that adapt the content we send to people based on their answers to our Refiner surveys.

How Livestorm uses Refiner: NPS, offboarding, and onboarding personalization.

They were able to keep their NPS workflows: feedback from detractors is pushed into ProductBoard, and promoters are asked for reviews. The customer experience team is also engaging with respondents.

What’s really cool about it is that the person doesn’t necessarily expect to be contacted. They just responded to a survey. It gives a really positive surprise.

Thibaut and his team recently improved the way they ask for reviews and they now get a lot more reviews than before.

We updated our NPS process to reach all members of organizations with at least one NPS promoter. This has led to great results in increasing the number of reviews we receive on G2.

But surveys at Livestorm have moved beyond NPS.

One of the first projects Thibaut worked on after switching to Refiner was to personalize the onboarding experience. And they use surveys for that purpose.

What we had before was a single onboarding that had to work for everyone. Now, when you create an account on Livestorm, one of the first things you see is a survey asking you what your main use case is. For example, if you say you want to do marketing events, we’ll show you how to share a document, how to invite as many people as possible to your event, etc.

This project allowed the conversion rate to a paid plan to get up by 10% to 20%. Plus, the opening rate of onboarding emails increased by 20%.

Finally, they’ve now started using Refiner to get information about the reasons paid customers are leaving.

In summary:

  • Livestorm uses Refiner for NPS surveys, offboarding surveys, and onboarding personalization.
  • They are able to send results to Amplitude, Looker, and easily thanks to the Segment integration.
  • It allowed advanced segmentation and personalization of automated campaigns.
  • And it helped Thibaut and his team take the right actions to optimize conversion and activation, and minimize churn.

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